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    Do you say, money can get anything we want?

    These days many people are after earning money only. Whatever may be the way the ultimate aim of many people these days is to earn money. Of course, money is one of the requirements for a happy living. But money is not the only requirement for leading a happy life. There are many people who are suffering a lot even they have plenty of money. But this fact is not recognised by some of the persons. They don't bother for rules, regulations, ethics and relations. Their ultimate aim is to make huge money. Do you say by making huge money we can get anything we want? I say 'No" to this. I want the opinion of learned members on this issue
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    Money can get us many things, anything and everything in this world except one thing. That one thing is the true love from someone.
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    No doubt money is important in life as we can fulfill our basic needs from money only. But people forget there are certain things which cannot be bought by money. Relationships, love, friendship, affection are few things which are equally important but cannot be buy from money. These we get by our nature /behaviour.

    Actually most of us don't know how much money we require to live a normal life. I am sort of a person who don't want much money I just want sufficient money which may give me a normal life.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Money can get materials that we want and it is always required to purchase all the materials that is required in our daily life. We have to differentiate between the greed and need for an explanation. For many people, money is most important and they judge others on the basis of wealth. To those people, materials are the only thing in life and they least bother about any other aspect. From their nature and love for money, it is understood that they are greedy and greed is one of the root causes of corruption.

    One the other hand, need is the requirement of a person that has to be fulfilled to lead a decent life. We need to determine the things that we need in life and have to plan accordingly. There is a tendency among people to purchase things that others especially their neighbors are having without actually ascertaining whether it is really required in their life. This tendency is a kind of competition to be at par with others in terms of material comfort and should be avoided to lead a comfortable life. I am using the term comfortable because this unnecessary competition many times lead to situation where people use any means to earn that extra amount.


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    I never accept this though earlier I believed so, changed myself totally once I visited a hospital. Actually I rushed to the hospital at Madurai from chennai for helping my younger brother who got admitted in ICU there. On reaching there I found him on treatment and consoled my sister in law there. At the outside of ICU we spent that night with others. Next to us, an elderly lady was found disguised with worry without sleep. Next day morning I told my SIL to fresh up herself and on return her I planned to go. She went, I asked that lady also to go with her by telling that I would care if they call from ICU. With half mind she went and returned. Later I heard that she was coming from nearby small town where they have houses etc., their two sons were in foreign countries. As her husband suddenly met with heart attack they came here. Further as that man didn't allowed any relatives of both sides, this lady felt bad though huge money with them and nobody turned for them. I helped them by going to shop for food, medicines along with my brother's. Their money did not helped in such critical situation but it is easy to tell 'with money we can make many things' but practically when we are facing personally only we can realize.

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