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    Now Allahabad is Prayagraj

    The government of Uttar Pradesh gave its acceptance for changing the name of Allahabad to Prayagraj. The original name of this place is Prayaga. But the city was named Allahabad by Emperor Akbar in the 16th century. 'Prayagraj' would be used to promote Indian culture on an international scale, told by the local BJP MP.
    This place is having a union of three rivers namely Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswathi and very famous as Triveni sangamam. This place is a very sacred place for Hindus. Many people will go and have a holy dip in the river where the three rivers are meeting.
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    I really appreciate the name change of Allahabad as Prayagraj. While we can change Bombay as Mumbai; Madras as Chennai; Trivandrum as Thiruvananthapuram; Bangalore as Bengaluru; Calcutta as Kolkatta, Orissa as Odissa etc; Why not Allahabad as Prayagraj. I welcome the UP government's initiative to change its capital's name.
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    BJP is very active in "restoring" the Hindu elements or reinforcing the Hindu elements that it feels are lost. I don't really appreciate such views because I live in a secular country. Allahabad is a good name. And it's not like making it PrayagRaj would be beneficial. I mean...we all know Prayag occurs in Allahabad. What could be the significance of this renaming event? On contrary this step would now disrupt the gentle harmony of people in U.P.
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    I heartily welcome this change. It is all the more significant that the ancient city has got back its original name on the birthday of Akbar, who had changed the name of this sacred city of the Hindus.
    Incidentally, I raised the issue in the following thread:-
    What is your opinion on the proposed change of name of Allahabad

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    Indeed a good initiative & few still would be in line in order to show their disagreement in context to this who have declared themselves as the man & the woman of the secular forces. Let them be in their own world but its a time for rest of us who really have respected our culture & not just believed on show-off. Cheers!

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    Prayag is an old name of Allahabad. It is a pilgrim and people come here to see "sangam" of three rivers.

    I believe when its a holy place for Hindus then so prayagraj is a good name.


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    I reiterate that the name Allahabad (Allah+Abad) was given to this ancient city to humiliate the Hindus. It is very much necessary to restore the original name of this great city.
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    It is a good initiative by the government since it has a significance. When Prayag was the earlier name of the city it has the history associated with the name. Names of a particular place is changed keeping in mind few things and history of that place is among one of those important aspects. Many people may think that it has some political meaning, it may really have some, but when the change is in sync with the history of a location then I think it is always a good move.

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    I prefer it to be "Prayag" than "Prayagraj". I wish that "Delhi" may be renamed as "Indraprastha". Whether it has a political motive or not, the old name is restored.
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    I didn't know about this, "Allahabad (Allah+Abad) ", till I got this during one of the TV news debates. What the hell the Mughal & Britishers civilization belonged to & what the messages that this has conveyed to us but still not able to get to the practical grounds. For sure they were not meant for peace but I am still not surprised of the facts that & perhaps many more would be into pipeline as we are more divided now then ever before.

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    I am also availing this opportunity to demand the restoration of the original name of Lucknow. We must call it Lakshmanavati. After all, it is the birthplace of Lakshman.
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    I am not so much inclined over Political motives and reasons for votebanks etc, I just do not like renaming of old cities, as they have attached memories. Peoplw will eventually call the place with old names, those who had been there. Yes, for new generation these names will be new and it is when they will be using these new names, they will lose the touch with the old memories, reason why the place was named like this in the first place.
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    Mr. Ved Prakash Anand: It is absolutely not your fault that you didn't know the genesis of this word 'Allahabad'. The entire blame goes to the faulty history which we read in schools and colleges. This history is full of falsehood, half-truths and various omissions.

    There are various ways the Indian culture has been ridiculed, even after independence. As for example, the name of 'Bakhtiyarpur' railway station near Patna on the way to Nalanda. Many foreigners feel astonished and agonised that the station has been named after Bakhtiyar Khilji, who burnt the Nalanda University and its vast collection of books for three long months. But we, the Indians, don't know anything about the genesis of the Bakhtiyarpur railway station.

    Shouldn't we immediately change the name?

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