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    Do you have a sweet tooth?

    Many people like sweets. Especially if they are Bengalis they have a fascination for sweets. There are varieties of sweets available here and few districts of West Bengal are famous for their own specialities. Two invariable choices among people from other states who love sweets from West Bengal are Rosogolla and Mishti Doi (a sweet yogurt).

    There is a custom of presenting sweets to the relatives or associates while visiting them and there are many popular stories surrounding this tradition. Nowadays, people are health conscious and there are many who avoid sweets because of the amount of calories in them. Few people who used to have sweets in the last course of their dinner stopped them after their doctor's advice. In few sweets shops they lost their regular customers because of the consciousness among people about the possible aftereffects of this traditional habit. To those shops, sweets have become a luxurious item. Do you think the glorious days of those wonderful sweets are over?
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    Of course, yes! Even yesterday when I went to CR Park to enjoy Durga Puja, I partook a huge amount of sweets. I know that I am 50+ and I should not take sweets, but I can't control myself in the presence of Bengali sweets. I don't like other sweets and even western sweets like cake/pastry/pudding/custard, etc.
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    I like sweets very much. I used to enjoy sweets very much. Everyday I used to take at least one sweet. I have no problem of Sugar or BP. But I am a little overweight. So from last year I stopped eating sweets. Occasionally I take a home made sweet preferably with jaggery. I even stopped taking sugar in coffee or tea also. Now I reduced my weight but I don't want to start regular eating of sweets. In general average consumption of sweets has come down.
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    I used to have Rasgolla at KC Das shop at Esplanade near metro Cinema.I do not know whether that shop still there or not.
    Mishti Doi in mud pot! What a fantastic taste!!

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    @ Neeraj, the shop K.C. Das is still there and it is one of the prominent shops in Kolkata famous for its Rosogolla. The shop is at the heart of the city at Esplanade and it is always crowded by sweet lovers because of the varieties it is offering.

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    Mr. Neeraj: Only a few months back, I wrote an article on the sweet-shops of Kolkata. In that article, I mentioned five (out of at least twelve) best sweet-shops of Kolkata including KC Das. The link to the article is given below:-
    Top five sweet-shops of Kolkata

    KC Das has its own website. This is You can explore the site for knowing the branches of this world-famous sweet-shop of Kolkata.

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    'Sandesh' is my all-time favourite. I am not a sweet eater as such but having been associated with lot many friends from the region and also having been in the area for quite long, I do enjoy sweets. Rosgolla and Mishti Doi as you mentioned is a fascination for anyone visiting Bengal. It is a fact that we feel restricted after a certain age but then, shouldn't we be enjoying life?

    Thanks to Neeraj for bringing in memories of KC Das shop.

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    Many people like sweets. It is an ideal item to satisfy the taste buds. It is customary in many societies to offer sweets after a sumptuous meal.

    Unfortunately there are people suffering with certain ailments in which there is restriction of sweet intake and they are deprived of this great condiment. Doctors are suggesting not to take sweet in any form to them.

    Personally I like sweets of many kinds from home made to available in the market. Even chocolates fascinate me much. My doctor also advised me to restrict sweets and now I am taking them occasionally rather on a regular basis.

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    Though I am a diabetic, I love to eat sweets. If a visitor to my home gifts me some sweet, I won't hesitate to eat a piece. Because I have a sweet tooth. I too had many Bengali friends who brought Bengal's Rasagullah to taste. But I haven't tasted MishtiDoi. Can any ISCian from Bengal send me few pieces of Rasagullah and few pots of MishtiDoi?
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    Mr. SuN: The taste of fresh rosogolla and tinned rosogolla can't be compared. The preservatives used in the tinned rosogollas almost kill the taste.

    Alas! Mishti doi can't be preserved for more than one day (maximum). You have to come to Kolkata (West Bengal) and taste this heavenly sweet.

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    There will be very few people who do not like sweets. I am very fond of sweets. The problem with me is that I cannot stop with eating one or two sweets. I like sweets which are juicy. Somehow I do not like Rasagollas because of its spongy nature. One of my favorites is the "Gulab Jamoon" at K.C.Doss on M.G.Road in Banglore.
    Sometime back one of my known persons promised to send a famous local halwa at his place in Tamil Nadu. I am still waiting for it after more than six months.

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    I was fond of eating sweets but left eating it few years back due to diabatese. Very rarely I eat them on special occasions as my wife keeps an eye on me everytime I am at home. My favourite sweets are Gulaab Jamun and Ras Malai. These are so tasty that I can eat them anytime.

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    In no doubt the West Bengal is famous for sweets with more specifically of Rosogolla & Mishti Doi but now a days is available to anywhere & to even remote of the locations but due to health concerns the sweets are supposed to be avoided & to be controlled to some extent & this is quite natural. So in context of the author's query that, "Do you think the glorious days of those wonderful sweets are over?", is not the case but the trend seems to be changed a lot so as not to get the natural taste of the festival or of the dishes.

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    I have a sweet tooth and I have to admit it has been difficult to fulfill my urge to have something sweet all the time, after my injury. I had to focus on healthy diet and lose weight, which I pounded upon when I was on bed rest. I have cut down on artificial sugar, and eat things like Banana, Raisins (I freeze them, and eat them like jelly). I have to be very calculative, but honestly, my efforts paid off.
    I don't think glory days are over. Poeple in the past used to work and walk alot, unlike most of us, who are in sitting jobs. So its better to be intelligent while eating things which are not so beneficial.

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    Mr. KVRR,
    Probably you are talking about Tirunelveli's Iruttu Kadai(Dark shop) Halwa. No one sent me a PM or e-mail to get Halwa through me. Presently I am in Bengaluru. Will be going to Tirunelveli soon. If you kindly sent an e-mail with your home/office address, I will be pleased to send you Halwa. I request other members who wish to share Halwa should send their delivery address to my e-mail ID.

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    I do not like Bengali sweets and I believe that there is a lot of unnecessary hype created around them. I do not like the rubbery, chewy, almost synthetic texture of the rasagulla.

    I have a sweet tooth and prefer Indian sweets that originated in the northern part of the country. Some of my favourites are – Sohan halwa, pinni, petha, gulab jamun and kala jamun, kalakand, various laddoos such as the besan laddoo, motichoor ladoo, moong dal ladoo, dry fruit ladoo, gound ladoo, balushahi, Karachi halwa, gajjar halwa and more such delectable sweets.

    And of course, I love cakes and puddings and desserts set in a pastry base, such as tarts, more so since I do a lot of baking. And of course, there are ice creams and gelatos that I love.

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