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    Does this #ReadyToWait movement signal the end of LDF and UDF in Kerala?

    The Sabarimala temple has traditionally barred all women of menstruating age. Today, in accordance with the judgment of the Hon'ble Supreme Court. the doors of this sacred Temple are being opened to all. Many progressives from both the ruling LDF alliance and the main opposition UDF alliance. But, at the same time, #ReadyToWait movement started by deeply religious Hindu ladies of Kerala has become a mass movement and is getting stronger day by day. The protagonists are now ready to challenge the administration and are not going to allow ladies to enter the sacred Temple as per traditional values.

    But my question is a little bit different. As the movement is opposing the progressives of both LDF and UDF, does it mean that this movement challenges both the age-old alliances of Kerala? Will the movement challenge the dominance of these two alliances and bring forward the third party/alliance in the political arena of Kerala?

    Members! Please share your valuable opinions on the issue.
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    I think this present situation is purely due to the beliefs and traditions of the people. The devotees of Ayappa had a feeling that Ladies of menstruating age should not enter into the temple and that is why this present agitation. I don't think this will have any effect on the politics of the State. The verdict is from Supreme Court and the fighting is against that ruling but not against the rule. So we can't say that this movement challenges both the age-old alliances of Kerala.
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    Dr. Rao: The so-called progressives in both LDF and UDF are opposing the movement and the leaders of the movement (which is becoming stronger everyday) are opposing the progressives. Don't you think that this would ultimately affect the political scenario of Kerala?
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    I don't think so. Keralites very much determined in their minds about the political preferences in their state. So I feel the present moment is against the ruling by SC but not against the parties. The Parties can say that they have to abide by the court. Even though the leaders of the moment are opposing the Progressives it will not extend to the political affiliations of the individuals. This is what I have in my mind.
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    As I have already stated, many political analysts are now saying this. The liberals from these two fronts have hurt the sentiments of the Hindus, they are still hurting the Hindus and are blaming BJP-RSS for the massive but spontaneous protests by the devotees. The battle line is changing very fast.
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