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    No Morning Star in the Sky

    Morning Star ( In Tamil Vidi Velli) is a bright star that can be seen everyday early in the morning in the sky. It is also known as Pole Star. It is a guiding star. Such a star is missing from the ISC sky. Why? Are we not feeling the absense of ISC's Morning Star K Mohan?
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    Not only Mr. Mohan, the true Morning Star of ISC, I also feel the prolonged absence of Mr. Natrajan, Mr. Venkiteswaran and Ms. Neethu. The site has lost some of its old charms. I hope, it is only temporary.
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    As I am comparatively new on this site so don't know much of the people here. But I remember K Mohan who was so prominent in the forums and suddenly stopped participating here. Someone started a thread about him but he didn't return. Hope his absence is temporary and he comes back soon on this site.

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    Many members are absent these days. We saw Natarajan and Venkiteswaran long back. Mohan is another member who is missing. Like some other members are also not active here recently. I think they are busy elsewhere. Hope to see them back quickly.
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    The absence of Natarajan, Venkiteswaran is not felt much . Natarajan is new to this site. Venkiteswaran remains absent for long days and returns. Whereas Mohan is very regular since the inception of ISC. He is a platinum member and never remained absent.
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    We are living in a world which is less on emotional side but more on business ways. Means we are more in context to our profit & loss statement rather than how we feel from inside & this is how we all are related with one another. If we don't understand this simple fact than we all need to understand this & rest all is meaningless. Life never stops for anyone & doesn't matter how important that we have been so far because one day everything is to get replaced sooner or later. May be I am getting more philosophical here but still hard to deny.

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    Ved Prakash Anand,
    Your philosophical response is not understood. Please make it clear.

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    Do we need to discuss the same topic again and again? Let us accept the freedom of members and leave it to them whether to be a part of this family or not. It is an individual choice after all.
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