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    Should ladies of all ages go on a pilgirimage to Sabarimala or not?

    Sabari Hills is the shrine of bachelor Lord Sri Ayyappa. The temple customs and traditions don't permit youth ladies to visit the holy shrine. This is a many century old custom that is being followed. This custom was challenged in the court by a few organizations.

    Now, after hearing the petitions seeking the court to permit ladies of all age groups to visit Sabari hills, Supreme Court has given their verdict favouring the petitioner's request.

    This judgment is opposed and protested by the Ayyappa devotees, and also the women and women organizations. Kerala is not peaceful. While Kerala government has accepted the verdict and ready to implement it, there is a strong opposition from many quarters.

    We are here to discuss whether women of all age groups should be permitted to visit Sabari hills or not?
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    The Supreme Court has already given its verdict that all ladies of all ages should be allowed to see the temple. Any government has to follow the verdict of the highest court. They can't oppose the verdict.
    Now to visit or not to visit is the individual's decision. The decision depends on the beliefs and sentiments of the individual. As a citizen of India, I feel we can't say anything against the verdict. But if an Individual has taken a decision not to visit, nobody can make her go and visit.
    What is the specific reason for not allowing the ladies to the temple is not well discussed anywhere? All other temples in India are allowing ladies of all ages to visit. But why this specific restriction to this temple if somebody can explain, people may understand. In the absence of that, commenting on that issue is not correct.
    People we have a fear for the customs will never dare to visit. But other people may visit. We have no right to stop anybody after the verdict from SC.

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    I strongly say NO. Whatever be the ruling of the Supreme Court, God is above the Court and we must follow the custom of God. The Court must interfere only when any particular custom or practice is harmful to society. This custom is not harmful to society.
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    I dont think that decision by Supreme court will help in changing the fact that many females will fear going and making a first step/move to visit the temple. I have seen even after rules and regulations, people are too rigid to change their mindset and start something new. New which is good for both the genders.
    In our native place, there is a temple, where females are prohibited, no one knows or recalls the reason behind the same, what is logic, even no one confirms it. But even though, some females tried to break this obnoxious chain, they were thrashed and treated badly.

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    This is many century-old practice. And we have been under the Briitish rule before 1947. The British never interfered in our religious customs and traditions, and no one went to the court to get a verdict to disrupt the faith we had and the customs we followed. The British respected our customs and traditions. Though we had freedom, we remained silent for the last 60 years after independence, and followed the custom. Why a change now in the age-old practice? The court should have said a simple No to the petitioners.
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    "Whatever be the ruling of the Supreme Court, God is above the Court and we must follow the custom of God" - this my friends is from where terrorism starts. When your imaginary friend becomes so important that you feel customs matter more than individual rights, violence starts.

    There are many customs and rituals that we have left behind or at least made illegal. Sati, child marriage, homosexuality, untouchability, etc. We have also left behind many superstitions related to menstruation like not allowing women to cook during those days, isn't it? So if we can accept this change at home, what's the problem in a accepting it in a temple. Somebody who had decided to live a life of a bachelor, surely should have such control to tolerate the existence of female gender.

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    Don't forget, My friend, the last two sentences: "The Court must interfere only when any particular custom or practice is harmful to society. This custom is not harmful to society."
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    Discrimination on the basis of gender in allowing entry to a place of worship managed by public money - this is a harmful custom. These might look little things, but as citizens of India, everyone should have equal rights where due. We can't have an equal society if women are discriminated against like this.

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    My dear Bala,
    The things you have quoted affects an individual. Sati affects a lady. Child marriage spoils a child. Homosexuality is against nature. Untouchability is insulting a caste or community.

    But overriding the custom of forbidding ladies to visit Sabari hills affects the entire devotees who have faith in God.

    I am sure, if women are permitted, #MeToo movement will have to handle many sexual harassment or eve teasing cases in Sabari hills, as the minds of the youths of both sexes are likely to be distracted due to the attraction of sexes.

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    It has been read in stories that a man entering into a isolated bungalow feared for something but his fear and eagerness will get increased when he told by the in-persons not to go to a particular room or side. His intention becomes more and more to go there but without realizing the background or danger to him. Like this,this also. There are certain reasons for not allowing ladies of particular age group. The real devotees know as well understand the reason behind but the humbaq ,politically influenced women are playing this drama. Everybody knows the consequences but still if they are doing so means it is just their ignorance and their fate dragged to the destiny.
    Not only ladies but also men of certain conditions are not permitted and as they knows well, they themselves avoid gently.

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    Already the judgement has been given by the court so there is nothing to discuss as court might have considered all the aspects before giving judgement.

    In my opinion why should not women be not allowed? This was just a customary as reason may be in those days as women were not allowed to go out of home.


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    Mr. Gupta: Please read the stories associated with the temple and the deity. You would be able to understand why ladies shouldn't visit the temple. Further, the Hon'ble Court doesn't take note the sentiments of the people, it only deals with the issue from a legal and constitutional point of view.

    Those ladies who are trying to enter the temple in front of television cameras are not devotees, they are doing this with an agenda to ridicule Hindu sentiments.

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    Partha if it really is a case then real devotees will still not enter the temple even if supreme Court has given the judgement.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Yes, Mr. Gupta. The ladies, who are the real devotees, are not entering the temple. That is the essence of #ReadyToWait movement initiated by the lady devotees of Sabarimala Temple.
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    A few simple words - a place managed by public money cannot discriminate on the basis of gender, Period!

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    Contrary to the misguiding comment, Sabarimala Temple is not managed by public money. Rather, every year, it pays a huge amount to public exchequer as tax.

    Further, nobody has the right to ridicule religious sentiment.

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    Three ladies, viz., Rehana Fathima, Kavitha Jakkal and Mary Sweety tried to enter sacred Sabarimala Temple today but were forced to return by the #ReadyToWait protesters.

    The Tantri of Sabarimalai Ayyapan Temple, Shri Kandararu Rajeevaru, said on camera: "I will lock the Temple and handover keys, to Pandalam Royal family who are Custodians, I'm will not able to tolerate destroying santity."

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    I wish people would do their research before discrediting others.
    Ref -
    "After this government assumed office in 2011, we have so far spent Rs.231.38 crore on various temples. In case of Sabarimala temple, we have spent Rs.605 crore on its development."

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    Furher, any religious sentiment which goes against the Constitution, is open not only to ridicule but legal action like in this case.

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    In Kerala there are private and Govt temples. The Devasvom Boards control a large number of temples.The Board is under Revenue Department of Govt . Board members are appointed by Govt . Whether Govt uses temple money is technical.T he Communists say that they do not use. Malayalam devotees say that they use.The Board deposits money in banks .So it can be argued that Govt is not using temple money .

    Now let us see what happens after banks get money from people put into Board accounts. The Board puts money into Govt Treasury as Fixed Deposits. There are several thousand crores of Board money in Treasuries as FD . The Govt can never pay back these FDs So indirectly govt is using temples. Sabarimala is milking cow for Kerala Govt.

    The two major income sources for Kerala Govt are the sale of drinks and Sabarimala Temple. Perhaps Kerala is the only Govt selling hard drinks through Beverages Corporation.

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    Further, the Court must take into notice the custom that in many Syrian Christian churches, pregnant ladies are not allowed. In mosques, women are not allowed without burkha. The liberals may start their movement in those places, of course, if they have a spine.
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    The same government which was not ready to implement the Supreme Court's verdict on raising the water level of Mullai Periyar dam is now adamant to implement the Supreme Court's verdict on Sabarimala issue. What a government yaar!

    A disrespect and a respect to one.

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    Religious rituals, traditions and practices are very deep rooted and even if the supreme court has given a rational verdict, people may not like to abide by it. History is witness that there were so many wars fought based on certain religious differences or anomalies.

    Every religion in some way or other is full of such deformities and the gullible people are mislead by the clergies to follow them.

    The vested interest will play a crucial role and oppose such strictures to show their religious supremacy over the state. We are seeing fighting for religious places all over the world where one religion is claiming that the land belongs to them and their religious monument should be erected at that particular place.

    In such a situation of blind faith and dark belief what the courts will be able to reform is a big question.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Mr. SuN: Please don't forget that CPI(M) led LDF would do everything to go against the Supreme Court under normal circumstances and also do everything to ridicule Hindu sentiments.
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    The constitution says everybody is equal before the law irrespective of gender then why there is reservation quota for ladies in Jobs, state and national educational institutions and even in public transports... First Supreme court should tell the reason for that before giving judgment of whether the females should allow in Ayyapa Swamy temple. I think the time has come to constitute a Supreme court in South India.
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    "I think the time has come to constitute a Supreme court in South India."-------------Even if your Utopian dream comes true (a Supreme Court is formed in South India), will it give a different judgment? The Court gives judgment on the basis of legal and constitutional provisions and not on belief or emotion.

    It is the duty of elected Government to respect the people's emotion and bring an Act forbidding menstruating ladies to visit Sabarimala Temple.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    I am sorry that I have not fully understood what you said. But I would like to clarify that I fully support the view that menstruating ladies should not visit the sacred Temple of Sabarimala. I reiterate that every Court would act as per legal provisions and won't think about emotions and religious belief.

    I would also like to inform you that your previous comment regarding a Supreme Court in South India can be interpreted as seditious.

    I hope that my English is simple and understandable.

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    Why should a women activist from a different religion(Islam) try to visit Sabari hills? Is it a pilgrimage to the holy hills with real faith in Lord Sri Ayyappa to get blessed or on a pinic trip to the shrine to make it unholy? What happened now? The woman has been ousted from her religion. More than Hindu women, women from other religions are interested to visit the shrine to see what is in Sabarimala.
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    If the ladies from other religions want to visit Lord Ayappa, they are requested to wait till they cross 50, wear the traditional dress and then visit the Lord.
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    Right or wrong that I don't know but the ladies should not forget that in every family they do not enter their worship place during a certain period of time. Yes, in the Sabarimala case the restriction is little extra because they do not allow women of a particular age group. It should be left to the women to decide when to visit the temple because no one would love to visit a temple during the natural monthly cycle, One can certainly visit ar any other time.

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    I hope the views of all the members will be forwarded to the authorities managing the temple to make the decision. The top court has already given its verdict and when there is controversy the court will again step in to settle the issue. Are we here in ISC to decide what people should eat, wear or follow?

    All these things are their own choice and we are nobody to interfere with those choices. As long as people act from their core beliefs, there will be conflicts everywhere and that is the main reason of conflicts in all religions. If you like then go, if you do not like then do not go.

    I find it very amusing when people react to these issues in a way thinking themselves the authority to decide on faiths or religions. Why this fanaticism? What is happening there in Kerala is complete chaos and kind of a violence. I do not know which religion in this world recommends violence. What we see there is nothing less than fanaticism and a blind faith on anything will take us nowhere. It is really painful to know all these things. Are we really human beings living for a cause or we are here to create chaos?


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    Continuously ridiculing Hinduism, its customs and practices and unnecessary interference in the religious affair of Hinduism by all have caused this impasse. The violence which Kerala witnessed during last week is unfortunate but can be easily understood.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    "Are we here in ISC to decide what people should eat, wear or follow? " Then why are we here? We may not order people to do this or that, but we can tell whether this or that can be done this way or that way. We ISCian have the right and might to call a spade a spade. We have no fear of discussing hot issues that rock from time to time.

    Sabari issue is very serious. We cannot tolerate insult to the faith we have in God and our religion. A court should never interfere in religious issues.

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