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    What is the best possible way to contact the Editors?

    I have been trying to gather attention of the Editors of various section, but unlike last time, now everyone has privacy settings on and it is difficult to contact them via messages. I refrain myself from posting too many forum threads, because the issues are sometimes different and not generalized. (It might help no one).
    Is there any chat option, email option, If yes, where is the link.
    Most of the time query is posted and Editors are too busy to repond in time (I understand they have to be really into their work and I understand). It becomes difficult to contact them, as there are chain of doubts related to one query, and they respond to one and what about the second question that pops up, the third one?

    I really need to understand this, as somehow the unavailabiliy is really a downside.
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    Iti, the best option is to post a forum thread whenever you are in doubt or require a solution. If the matter is too personal, there are editors who are available through their profile pages. Feel free to contact them. And over and above, our WM, Tony sir is always available online and he can be contacted. There is nothing to be worried about. Being quite an experienced ISCian, you must be aware that editors and senior members always stand up to resolve any problems that one amongst us face.
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    Thanks Saji, when you say "there are editors who are available through their profile pages" How?
    Iti Tyagi
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    Saji means that you should send a PM(private message) to the editor after getting into the editor's profile page. Members as per their member level are authorised to send messages to other ISC members.

    I understand that you lost your membership level due to your prolonged absence. Now you are starting from scratch. Unless you score 1000 points, you may not be eligible to use the PM facility. In that case, you won't be able to contact the editors. The forum is the only way to reach a forum editor. Other section editors cannot be contacted easily.

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    It is always better to contact the Editors through forum postings only. Whatever may be your doubt regarding the ISC irrespective of the section, you can post a thread here and you will get the answer from any of the Editors and your doubts will get clarified. If it is posted in Forum section, the other members will also get benefitted by your doubts and the clarifications given by the Editor. So I feel this is the best way.
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    It is definitely a good practice to contact the editors for any doubt through the forum section. This method is in open place and all the members can be benefited by the posts being exchanged. The knowledgeable members can also add the information wherever required.

    Of course if you are allowed or entitled for private messages that route can also be taken but it will be an additional work for the editors as they will have to explain each and every individual for the same thing or same query.

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    Is it so? Is it not good to do the message to the editor in case of any doubt because to start a thread everytime what I feel is not good.

    Its better to go through the faq, help topics thoroughly then contact the editor as most of the things are avaible on the site itself.


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    Sanjeev Gupta,
    There is no way to communicate to the editors by a member not holding gold and above. Bronze and Silver members have no access to PM. However, they can respond to any PM.

    It is easy to contact our Web Master Tony John by clicking 'Contact Us" only to report serious issues that cannot be posted in the forums.

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    Yes thats what I am saying. Yesterday I had a query I just messaged on the past message of one of editor successfully.

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    I can only communicate with the Managing Editor because her e-mail id is known to me (as I used to participate in the various contests announced by her). But I am not able to communicate with any other Editor of ISC because I don't know e-mail id. And this is despite the fact that somehow I have managed to get the Platinum Shield.
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    I think, unless otherwise a contest is ON or pending for the announcement of results, you will not be able to contact ISC ME on that contest e-mail ID. I am sure, she will not open the e-mail when there is no contest or no pending result announcement. She cannot be contacted through a PM by members of any level. She desires to handle the issues through her editors, not directly.

    I humbly request our ME to confirm my statement.

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    Thank you all for posting and clarifying the doubt. I will follow the suggesstions.
    Iti Tyagi
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