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    How much your typing has improved after being consistent on ISC

    We all have been contributing almost everyday and I am sure most of us are typing on system and laptops (basically using the keybaord as a typing device). Since this activity if performed daily, improves the skills of typing for sure. I wish to ask this from all the senior members, who were not so active on systems, when they used to work on a desk with pen paper prefrences, how much this has made you comfortable to compare with pervious self.

    What is your typing speed, have you checked, is it average or mch better than the other common internet user?
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    I learned to type from a Typing institute while I was in VIIIth Std. I developed my typing skill while in office. In the good old mechanical Remington or Godrej typewriters, I could type 60 wpm then. Now on the flexible computer keyboard, I can type 75 wpm. Yet I do not have a certificate in Typewriting.
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    Basically, I stopped using paper and pencil even for my office work also almost from the last 9 to 10 years. As far as office work is considered the majority of the correspondence will be getting typed by my Secretary. Some emails and other confidential information only I will be doing on my own. So there is a lot of improvement in speed is there in typing. The accuracy of typing is improved with Grammarly.
    On ISC I will only type and sometimes some mistakes may be happening. But by reading it again after completely typing, I am trying to improve. As far as speed is concerned there is a good improvement.

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    My typing as well as writing skills have improved since I joined forum sites. I had left writing since I completed my college. After then I joined few sites just to improve my writing skills and I have observed once you keep on writing skills get developed.

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    For those people who have not got good typing speeds and they join sites like ISC, there is a great scope of improvement as writing in forum and other sections on a regular basis is going to increase the typing speed phenomenally.

    For us who have worked in organisations for a long time and were involved in office work, we had already reached our maximum speed long back and now that is simply maintained and I do not think there is any significant increase in it recently.

    Still, ISC gives us an opportunity to maintain our typing pace with the same strength as we were having during our career. There are so many sections here and one can contribute so much that sky is the only limit though we are also being limited by our physical and mental stamina.

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    I miss pen paper days. And even though I am a developer, and type almost everyday, but I am in a habit of writing important stuff down, to concrete the same

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    A very interesting thread. Though I am not a senior member but the topic reminded me of the school days when tasks were given to improve our handwriting. I practiced a lot, but I think the handwriting remained the same. In case of typing, the more you type the more will be the speed and you have to keep a tab on the speed to know the improvement.

    I am also not using pen and paper much and using keyboards to do the writings for various things. I am not fond of exams much, but I think I have to sit for one to test my typing speed.


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    I didn't learn typing in my student-days in Kolkata. I learnt typing after coming to Delhi. I have been typing slowly but more or less accurately. My slow speed is due to my broken little fingers since my birth. But with the passage of time, I have been using the help of stenographers provided to me by the office for official work. For the personal work like writing for ISC or other sites, I type myself.

    My typing speed is still slow, but my typing is fairly accurate.

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