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    Waiting from 1 month for job posting.

    its almost 1 month over and i am still waiting for the compassion from the head of this group to eradicate this problem for me so that I can start job posting. I understood everything that the editors has said me earlier but still waiting for the pardon.
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    Babu Saroj, were you active in other sections during the period as advised? I don't think so. Your addiction to Job section is understood but then why are you so adamant? It is a regular procedure to advise members who have been restricted from a particular section to be active in other sections that are open to them. The exercise is just to ensure that you are posting original and worthy contents.

    Anyway, your problem will be considered and necessary solution provided at the earliest. Don't worry.

    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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