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    Use and dependability on latest technology

    Yesterday the news were flashing that YouTube has crashed or error occurred every time one tries to open YouTube app or website. One can imagine the loss of revenue to the YouTube and many channel owners who own millions of subscribers.

    Just think of the situation when complete internet becomes OFFLINE or stopped for a day or longer. What would be the consequences ? Its unimaginable. Days were those when our ancestors were living without high technology stuffs. And we even cannot imagine a day without smartphone or other technologies which brought the world to every corner.

    What are your views on this topic?
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    There is no fall back arrangements for internet or smartphones. Communication will become very slow and we have to depend on old methods only. Writing letters, talking on land lines, waiting for the newspapers and waiting for the post man to deliver the letters. This was the situation in my childhood. We may experience the same trend again. The life will become slow and people will have more time to interact with fellow human beings than electronic gadgets. Writing habit will improve.
    But one thing is sure, the people will meet other people and talk to each other than chatting on smart phones. Initially for some time people will feel the difference but slowly they will get accustomed. But world will not stop. All things will go on. Another advantage is this wrong reporting by various channels and breaking news will not be there.

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    Well, if internet is shut down for a day then there will be lots of troubles but we will be able to manage it. If it is shut down for quite few days then many interesting things may happen. I am trying to point out few of them.

    1. All the political parties will take out processions in different parts of the country demanding restoration.
    2.The courts will be filled with litigation claiming compensation for lack of connectivity.
    3. There will be no forum posts here in ISC.
    4. People will start playing offline games in their mobile devices and computers, because it will be hard to change the habit of tapping the mobile devices all day long.
    5. In absence of Youtube videos, people will listen to the saved playlists.
    6. Most of the time you have to spend in bank to withdraw cash because of the long queue where you have to withdraw only through cheques.


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    In the past when didn't have Internet there were no emails and no other use of data transfer or data sharing. There will no emails and it will be difficult to make new postal system so fast. Phones, TVs will stop working. Anything which is connected to Internet will stop. We will have to stand in long queue to withdraw our money from the bank as ATM will stop working.

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