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    Good news! India improves its position on Global Competitiveness Ranking

    On the day of Maha Navami, a good news for the economy of the country. This year also, India remains the most competitive country in entire South Asia and our country appears at the 40th position in the Global Competitiveness Ranking of 137 countries by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

    In this connection, it is stated that India's ranking is one lower than its last year rank, but the two rankings are not comparable because of a change in the methodology. This has been clarified by the WEF itself.

    WEF has stated that India's score is its highest ever according to the current methodology, which ranked Switzerland as the world's most competitive economy. India's competitiveness has improved compared to Brazil and Turkey and other fast-developing countries. China and Indonesia have also shown good results. Switzerland, the USA and Singapore are holding the first three top positions.

    The report has used encouraging words about India and the country's future plan of massive funding to bankroll the new infrastructure programmes.

    I hope that India maintains its momentum and further improves its rank on Global Competitiveness Ranking in the coming years. More importantly, the benefits would definitely percolate down the line and reach the poorest of the poor.
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    Good that India is progressing. It is nice to know that the rank in the Global Competitiveness of our country is improved. I wish and hope the country will make further progress and reach further heights. I wish the present government and the next government will plan and execute development plans so that the gap between the rich and poor will reduce and the benefits percolate down to the poor and needy. Well done India and maintain the tempo and reach further heights.
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    Good to know that India is developing and its ranking although not improved but we did well as the point are given as per different parameters as compared to the past.

    But what I feel is no improvement in the living standard of the people nearby me. I always read we are developing but I see no improvement. Still the employees are exploited and given less salaries than their work. The increments are lesser than the inflation rate every year.

    Poors are still poor. Many of us don't have our own houses, its difficult to own houses as they are too expensive to buy even on home loan.


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    "But what I feel is no improvement in the living standard of the people nearby me. I always read we are developing but I see no improvement. "---------- A very legitimate question. However, it can be stated that the improvement can't be perceived on a day-to-day basis. It can be understood if we compare the conditions in the past (5 years-10 years-15 years) and that of today.
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    From the recent happenings in our country and acceptance of India as a major emerging economy in the global scenario, if the things go in intended directions, the position of India will further improve in the global prospective.

    It is true that removal of poverty, giving employment to all, social security etc are of paramount importance and until unless those are achieved the global ranking alone will not help us to improve on all the fronts.

    The Govt is doing its bit but the onus is also on the implementers at the grass root level whose actions sometimes tarnish the good intentions of the top command of a country. So there are many factors which are creating distortions in the system and impeding our growth. The contribution of the citizens is also required without which no system and governance can sustain for a long time.

    A good growth in domestic front with a respectful position in world economy is a thing which as a citizen of this country we should strive for and cooperate in those measures which are accelerating these ideas.

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