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    The Word "Amma" in the hearts of People

    I am here that I am very much proud to say about my lovely mother's affection which cannot be compared to anything else in the world. I wish to know yours affection and the bond between you and your mother. Please share your thoughts and most memorable moments with your mom.
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    I lost my mother at a age of 4 years so I don't know how is affection of a mother. When I see affection of my wife towards our kids I assume that my mother also had been like her.

    But thats a fact a mother loves her kids more than herself. She tries to give everything to her kids at any cost.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    My partition-affected parents had to strive very hard. But they bore all hardship with smiling face for giving my younger brother, my youngest sister and myself the best of education. My mother taught all three of us to dream. And due to this teaching, we have acquired the ability to stand on our own feet. The contribution of my mother (and also of my father) in our life is beyond description.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    For any individual parents are living Gods. We are all here because of them. The mother's association with the children can't be measured.
    I owe a lot to my mother as she shaped my life in a fantastic way. Against all odds she stood behind me very strongly and seen that I will get educated the way I want. She with her father helped me in many ways and supported my father in overcoming the financial problems in his responsibilities.
    If she is not courageous I might have been in a different platform altogether. I owe my life to her.

    always confident

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    My mother, fondly I call her "mummy", is my companion and I talk to her everyday, for about an hour. There is a time difference, and also distance between me and her, but I have her as a priority and I manage.
    I have been writing and guiding about some life lessons on other platforms, and I have to agree, most of my lessons are learnt hard way, when she was around and helped me.
    Injury has changed me as a person for good, and my Mother played a very vital role in me standing up again being confident.
    There was a time, when ISC was my only source of help, I used to write from morning till night. She used to see me, serve me food, while me sitting with a plaster in one knee, and writing on my small second hand desktop. She used to cherish my every single digit earning, my award of "Member of Month", and when I received my Google Adsense cheque.
    She taught me to stand up on moral grounds, have faith and always saying : "Failures depict, that we did not try for Success whole heartedly".
    It is very unfortunate, that my Mother was a kid, when she lost her "Amma". She never received the love she deserved. That is why she knows the value, and always guided me to be very open and lovable with parents, you never know, you never really know.
    It is because she is fond of driving, I am learning to drive again.

    Iti Tyagi
    "Soar to Success"

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    "Amma" is the word automatically coming into one's mind immediately when facing a problem. When facing a fear this word comes out automatically. During the childhood for everything we call Amma. When we children go out to play Amma used to warn, "don't go near the pond", " don't climb the trees", "don't quarrel with each other", like this several advises came out.
    My mother had a helping nature. Our house was in a village. Relatively our family was the richest. Hence some four or five persons will be always working there as servants. Their services were not for money, but for one meal in the noon and other sundry items , may be balances of food, vegetables, or old clothes, etc. Mother used to give whatever was available. During the summer there would be mangoes, Jack fruits, plantains, etc. which also would be supplied to them or their children These children came to our house to play with us and to have food too.
    During those days the carpenters came to the house and worked sitting there. Food and tea for them were served by mother. When a school was started by my father in the neighbourhood, there used to have three or four wood carpenters almost daily. Then mother prepared food for all of them. This became almost a daily affair because the school started as a primary one got upgraded as a High school. Mother never complained about her work load.
    When she died at the age of 91 we could see how the people of that village and surroundings loved her. About three thousand people paid their last homages to her. It was a day on which rain was pouring down heavily still people including children came have last view of the body.
    The carpenters and others who prepared the pyre for the cremation did not accept any Labour charges . They were united in saying that they were giving their last prayers to their beloved Amma.
    This was my Amma. I don't know how we children miss her presence with us. Every day I think about her. "Amma..."


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