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    A rape victim was denied for admission in a school.

    Its a case of dehradoon where a girl of 10th class is raped in a boarding school. All the culprits were caught and sent to juvenile justice board and were sent to juvenile home in haridwar. Also school officials were caught for destroying evidences.

    CBSE themself gave them the list of schools where she may seek admission and on the basis of the list they went to a very prestigious school of dehradoon where her father did all the formalities of admission and afterwards he was denied for the admission officials stating the reason of the girl's past.

    His father has given the written complaint to SSP, CBSE, education minister about the same but is yet to hear from them. His father has complain for the cancellation of the school affiliation.

    I was surprised to read this news how much this girl is suffering after the humiliation of the rape. Its not an easy life for the rape victim as our society is bad as every minute she will be reminded of her past.

    People are insane why can't they let her live her life smoothly.
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    It is a shameful incident. Immediate action must be taken against the school management. It must be ensured that such a shameful incident doesn't recur in future.
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    It is very unwanted. The girl is humiliated. Now this is adding ghee to fire. How the school can refuse admission when CBSE has given clearance. An exemplary action should be taken on the school so that no other school will commit such mistake.
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    Strict action should be taken against such schools which denies admission to students for whatsoever reason, leave alone, rejecting for being a victim.

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    I am glad, his father is supporting her and she will be able to restore her confidence. With awareness and quote of incidents like this, they are making these woman powerful. School is pathetic, and I really hope that correct action will be taken by CBSE.
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