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    Minority status to Lingayats: Was it a mistake?

    DK Shivakumar. Those who keep a tab on the politics of Karnataka, know him very well. Let us only say that he is a minister in the present coalition Government of Karnataka under Kumaraswamy. This influential politician of Karnataka has apologised with ''folded hands'' on yesterday for seeking the minority tag for the Lingayats by the previous Congress Government. Shivakumar has also stated that this was a huge mistake committed by Siddharamaya, the previous Chief Minister.

    So, this is now clear that the present Congress leadership (both the central leadership and the State leadership) is ready to divide the Hindus on caste line for electoral benefits. Shame!
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    Sir, status everything under this is only for Government provisions to provide this and that. Actually all varnasrama are created according to nature of duties tone performed. In Bhagavat Gita it is clearly explained. No caste or religion is inferior or superior. In some families parents are neglected by the children but for that if every parent got feared all children will be get dropped into ditch by parents.

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    Thanks to a very sane response, Mr. Pattabiraman. But these short-sighted political leaders are trying to divide the Hindus for the sake of narrow political gain. This division of Hindus and consolidation of other communities would bring disaster to the country. So, we must know about these efforts and protest against such efforts.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Any type of reservation to any community or caste is generally based on political considerations. History is witness to it. The politicians take the mileage out of it.

    Once you give such benefit or advantage to a particular caste then it becomes their right to avail it till eternity. If the Govt wants to withdraw it considering that overall development of the community is already over and now they are at par with others or may be better in some cases, they will agitate and will not allow Govt to end that promulgation.

    So by giving such concessions we are bringing trouble for ourselves. This becomes a long time battle. For example at the time of independence some reservation was announced and may be it was felt necessary at that time but now everyone knows that it is not required but who will bell the cat?

    So politicians take such measures for their vested interests and the common public suffers the consequences.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Not only giving benefits to certain castes, but the proposed action of Karnataka Congress was also to weaken Hinduism by devious means. But the party paid the price in the last Assembly election. DK Shivakumar has stated that all Lingayat ministers of the previous Cabinet who supported de-linking Lingayats from Hinduism lost the Assembly elections.

    We must be very alert about these self-seeking anti-Hindu politicians.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The politicians are doing this since independence to get a safe vote bank for them. In villages people will go by the instructions given by their caste head. He will be getting benefitted. This weakness of people is encashed by politicians. Unless otherwise unity is established between all irrespective of caste, this system will continue the same way.
    always confident

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