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    Is there any limit for forum violations?

    Recently the ISC management announced a "Zero-Tolerance Policy" for the forum section. I thought the forum section will be a better place with meaningful discussions. Now we have some new members who are contributing very well and their threads and responses are very well presented. I thought the deletion of responses, deletion of forum threads, minus points, locking of threads are all a thing of past. I expected very few violations that too unknowingly. Now I feel that there is not much improvement. It looks some of the members are deliberately trying to spoil the atmosphere here. Is this a problem with the members or with the management unable to handle the situation firmly and effectively?
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    It happens when the family becomes big. Its responsibility of admin and editors to have look at forum and watch out the violaters. Also I suggest to give a button under the response box where one can report it and admin can check the same.

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    As such, there is no violation much, but the ISC Admin has become very strict to safeguard the interest of ISC, to be in the good books of the netizens.

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    This is a very thoughtful post. The author seems to be pained by the constant bickerings going on in the Forum section. So, he has expressed his sorrow and anguish over the undesirable happenings.

    The author can name the Members who are creating the unnecessary ruckus in Forum section so that other Members and also the Editors can check those Members. Those Members can also restrain themselves. However, while naming such Members, the author should provide adequate justification.

    Lastly, as of now, the Members are not restricted from contributing in the Forum section unless they are suspended. This is unlike the Articles section and some other sections/sub-sections.

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    I don't feel good as the same has been asked in many different ways but the situation remained the same & the same continues to exist & hope so that there is nothing that we can do here & therefore leave it here & move with what you have. If any thread is blocked or deleted or the restrictions are imposed in any section then the members have only one way which is to wait & watch. My restriction were imposed on the Articles section since last two Months & I am still awaiting to get this opened & may possibly this may take longer then expected or never but again I am in no way feeling any objection in context to this or expecting anything on a positive note. If is this the way than let it be.

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    We are enforcing the new policy in our way. Many of the members who spoil the atmosphere are being suspended for short intervals but we do not make any public announcements regarding the same. We will increase the duration of suspension for repeated violations.
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    I wish this site to be a place of meaningful exchange of ideas and discussions. If all the members follow the guidelines, there will not be any problems. The discussions especially political ones should take place in a people-centric manner rather than from political bias. With mutual respect, we can have interesting discussions.
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    No one at ISC violates the policy intentionally to spoil the atmosphere of ISC. Members express their thoughts, opinions, discuss issues, and post their messages, responses and counter-responses very freely and frankly. How they violated the policies is known only to the ISC admin. We members come to know that we have violated the ISC policies only after the message or response get deleted with a remark.

    Members accept the punishment of suspension for a short period or extended period happily/worriedly for their alleged violation.

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