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    Is behavior the expression of attitude?

    In our daily life, the word 'attitude' is witnessed as a negative word and it highlights the arrogant nature of a person but actually, attitude is referred to as a feeling or an opinion about something. It need not be negative always. An attitude can either be positive, negative or neutral because it focuses only on a person's way of thinking. Not everyone will be in the same state of mind and will approach a person or any situation with a stable mindset or the same viewpoint. A set of emotions, belief and the perceptions of a person varies depending upon the surroundings and certain events in his/her life. Breaking a person's strong belief in something is tedious and is also not easy to change a person's attitude.

    If a person has a strong opinion or feeling on an object or any person, then it is obvious that his/her usage of words, expressions and the behavior will also be somewhat related to their beliefs. On a simple note, we can say that what we think reflects on our behavior. So with this, we can associate a relationship between behavior and attitude. But on the other hand, we can also differentiate attitude from behavior because attitude is merely a person's inner thoughts and feelings gained on experience and observations in life, and behavior is an inborn quality which reflects the reaction of a person for various inputs and it purely relies on a situation.

    Does behavior really have a strong association with attitude? Is behavior the expression of attitude? Does attitude influence behavior?

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    Most of the time, behaviour of a person reflects his/her attitude. But occasionally, a person can behave differently in presence of someone or some people, which is not his/her personal nature. Sometime he/she may be very rude to someone when he is very humble in general. There are definite reasons behind such odd behaviour.
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    Yes, Face is the index of the mind - is an old saying. Your behaviour in public surely reflects your attitude, many times. Sometimes, we may react differently in a spur of the moment but a person with good/positive attitude would surely try to correct the situation where he erred. Thus his attitude is clearly visible even at crucial times. Even in online interactions, someone may try to pretend but we can measure his attitude if we constantly follow his posts/ reactions to various issues.

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    The attitude of a person may vary according to the situation. Some will have an attitude of becoming angry and behave rudely with others. Some people will have the attitude of keeping their cool for longer times. But at times he may also get angry based on the situation and the patience he is having. So by seeing a single incident, we can't ascertain the attitude of a person. Some people will be originally very calm and will have a lot of patience. Such people will never generally shout on people. But some people will be very short tempered and they will be getting irritated for small issues also. Some people even though they are very rude in their behaviour they will try to act very humbly but we can understand their nature if we sincerely notice them on different occasions.
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    Many people say that the face is the index of mind. But I have seen many people who can hide their emotions. We can't read their face.
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    Attitude is the characteristics of an individual while the behaviour is situation dependent. Attitude is inbuilt in the personality and a basic signature on the vision of a person. Sometimes his behaviour may be a reflection of his attitude but in general behaviour changes from time to time depending on the person we are talking or the situation we are facing.

    People find about us from our behaviour because they do not have first hand information about our attitude. We may not like that people may know our attitude as it will help them to predict our moves which is personal thing for most of us.

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