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    I am less active only temporarily, reason busy in other matters

    I just saw this thread wherein Partha said"I also feel the prolonged absence of Mr. Natrajan, Mr. Venkiteswaran and Ms. Neethu. The site has lost some of its old charms. I hope, it is only temporary.".

    Thank you Partha for remembering me and the concern showed about me. Yes, my inactivity or reduced activity is just temporary . Since August, I am engaged and busy with many tasks on my hand in my personal, family and social matters. Some of them have deadlines too.
    Even then I try to peep in whenever I get some time.

    But then the issues of connectivity, rain with lightning and thunder, power failure etc also impede my online activities.
    Hence I am not update with some matters happening/happened in ISC forum. So I am not able to respond on them and just restrict giving reason for my reduced activity in ISC forum or other sections.
    I thank SuN's confidence when he says "Venkiteswaran remains absent for long days and returns". I also long to return as early as possible.
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    I am a new member here and don't know much about the members here. It happens when we have other things to do in life then our online activities reduce. Same happens with me as when I am exhausted at workplace I don't participate on forums here just read threads and responses.

    Hope to see you back on the site soon.


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    I didn't realize that my absence was also noticed.
    I am really humbled that Mr. Partha noticed it along with Mr. Natarajan and Mr. Venkiteswaran. I do visit occasionally while traveling but since it is not comfortable to type in mobile, I refrain from doing so.

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    The absence of good writers is always felt. I think all four (including Mr. Mohan) can contribute at least on holidays to make the Forum section interesting.
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    ISC is a family of creative writers who express their opinions on varied subjects especially in forum section and it is this place where the absence is immediately noticed. Many people have joined ISC as a part of their desire to express in a community of like minded people and that is the attraction which brings them back to it again and again in spite of their other commitments.

    Whenever such writers come back after a gap everyone likes to welcome them. It is a virtual world but it is as lovely and as fun filled as the real world around us. These interactions are a bit addictive and once we are accustomed to them it is very difficult to leave it until unless we have some other responsibilities and important projects which do not give us spare time to post in ISC.

    I know some members who were contributing very nicely but due to their hectic engagements elsewhere they are now temporarily out of this site but I believe that whenever time permits, they will come here with good old memories.

    Knowledge is power.

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