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    Why is Modi so silent on petrol prices?

    The Government of India is the supreme power in terms of economic policies. Key ministries hold the responsibility of directing the economy to a good shape.

    The prices of petrol in our country is so high only because of the excessive taxation that goes into it. This is absolutely ridiculous as the State is not even able to give some relief to the common man.

    Worse, the Prime Minister is absolutely mum on this vital aspect. He should articulate a good policy, and reduce taxes on petroleum products. He will get back the money. Here is how. Once the petrol prices are down, the prices of other commodities will also come down.

    There will be less corruption in the society as well. Since so many items of everyday consumption are covered under GST, the common man will have something to spend. Today, we are starring at a very dangerous trend. The petroleum prices have increased the prices of every single commodity that we use every day. The middle class is slowly loosing whatever savings it had.

    The wise are reducing their spending and trying to cut corners to save money. However, the credit off take will be a big zero, as there are no takers for fresh personal loans, housing loans and so on. The real estate market is also under severe strain.

    We should do something urgent in this regard. Let the PM speak out.
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    Modi is keeping silent because he is searching for points to include in his election manifesto for 2019 election to parliament. Probably, he might include it saying that they would bring down the fuel prices if they come to power again.
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    Our PM Modi does not speak on every issue. He talks on it when it is absolutely necessary to intervene. There are certain issues where Govt is also helpless as the existing rules, regulations and procedures have created that situation. He knows that talking in such matters is not going to make any impression on the educated masses.

    For flourishing economy an open market is the best place where Govt intervention is minimum but due to public hue and cry and political considerations Govt is sometimes forced to intervene which may have adverse effect on the economy.

    So his silence is well understood and if situation worsens, the Govt will take some tough measures and then only he may address the issue.

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    I don't agree with the author here but I am in absolute agreement with "#651134 / Mr. Umesh".

    I don't know about what we are up to when we continue to target the Modi led NDA government in the Center. The fact of the matter is that this is not the first time but have been the case with all the previous governments too when we talk of the heavy taxes levied on the petroleum products. Another fact of the matter is that we always had complaint of almost anything which is in comparison to the infrastructure & other facilities available in the United States of America or other developed countries but we are awaken to this fact during the last four & a half years but the author is very touchy & emotional here when he go on to mention that, "The middle class is slowly loosing whatever savings it had".

    The fact of the matter is that being a citizen of this country myself too have gone through & with the implications of any of the policies like the GST or Demonetization but never felt that I am bankrupt or led to insecurity of jobs or high inflation because wherein the cost of any of the commodities are more & less same whilst the cost of consumption of few of the commodities have gone down to its lowest levels. For example, what I used to pay for the Internet & calling charges is never before which is even unlimited with no roaming charges. But the problem is that our mindset is set which makes us immovable from our target & therefore this will continue to be the problems of few or many more but not with all.

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    Modiji is trying his level best to reduce the crude oil prices. He appealed to top oil producers, including Saudi Arabia, to help nations like India. Modiji appealed to the oil producing companies that high oil prices are hurting growth and asked for their cooperation to bring down the crude oil prices. The Saudi Arabia Oil Minister assured Modiji on supplies but regarding the crude oil prices, he expressed his helplessness.

    Modiji is not in a position to reduce the excise duty which was enhanced by the NDA Government but he certainly appealed to the oil-producing countries to reduce the crude price.The educated mass in our country is unable to understand the factors, rules and regulations which are not enabling our Prime Minister to reduce petrol and diesel prices. The people of India have to prepare themselves for further hikes in petrol and diesel. This all for the development of the people only. We have to bear with the Government for few more months.

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    1. The Prime Minister is trying to control the situation. But we have to remember that the price of petroleum products is market-linked.
    2. The taxes collected by the Government from petroleum-products are utilized in developing the infrastructure, the result of which will be enjoyed later. Development of infrastructure always gives long-term benefit.
    3. During the last two weeks, the petrol price has gone down to some extent.
    4. The Prime Minister believes in trying to find the solution rather talking about the problem.
    5. It is really unfortunate that we have to bear some irresponsible political leaders illuminating the opposition benches for a quite long period in future.

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    The Government which went on increasing the excise duty when the crude oil prices tumbled to as low as $ 30 a barrel is now appealing to oil-producing countries to reduce the crude price. There will be some meaning if the Government does everything it can and then appeal. The infrastructure development was taking place in the time of previous Governments also. The petrol and diesel prices are not this much high even when the crude oil price was $150 per barrel. Had the Government passed on the benefit of lower crude prices to the consumers, this situation would not have arisen. The Government totally failed in its policy towards pricing of petroleum prices.
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    I don't think that Prime Minister of our country will be able to control the crude prices. He can only make some corrections in the taxation part.
    There is a high possibility of increase in the Oil prices after the murder of the journalist Jamal Khashogi.Now, Saudi Arabia is owning the responsibility of the Killing of Washington Post correspondent Jamal Khashogi at Saudi Embassy at Turkey, saying that he was killed during interrogation. Horrible news is coming out from Turkey about his death.
    US president Trump is threatening Saudi for severe punishment, freezing all investment in Saudi jointly with West. House of Saud is vowed to hit back, saying that they are planning to cut oil production and distribution crippling world economy.
    So, be ready for an increase in Oil prices.

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    I think every one of us has forgotten about the NPT signed by the then UPA- I Government which was opposed by Left Parties and ultimately withdrew their support. But Mulayam Singh has saved the Govt. It was told that this would help India in many aspects. Even after a decade, I don't find any positive results. Quoting this may be looking odd at this point of discussion but the then PM offered to resign if NPT couldn't be materialised. He was seen as a hero at that time.

    Don't say it is irrelevant now. Just I meant it here that the ruling leaders have their own perspectives in the interest of the nation which we may think not so important and for each and everything, the PM need not respond. The Ministry is already initiating necessary measures to regulate the prices.


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    When there is a reduction in the oil prices, the taxes were increased and the common man never got the benefit. Now the rate of crude oil is increasing and in proportion, the taxes are also increasing as taxes are at a rate of percentage of the cost. Now the cost started increasing and the increase rate of taxes are maintained and ultimately the cost is increasing. The government will not have a say in the cost of crude. Only they have to change the percentage of taxes so that overall prices will come down. The central government and some of the state governments reduced the taxes to a little extent but as there is a rise in the crude rate the cost is not coming down.
    The PM or his other colleagues may not be talking about the issue. But they will be definitely working on the issue. These may not be known to us. I feel the government should do something to control these rates rather speaking on this issue.

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    With & as the General election is getting nearer the ruling party would soon be opting ways in order to reduce the prices as this undeniably having its direct impacts in the minds of the voters & the ruling party will no longer want to be insensitive with its concern & therefore before finally the "CODE OF CONDUCT" is implemented by the Elections Commission of India, we soon be evident of price reductions in a Month or two which will continue to remain in control for at least for the duration & the time the results are declared. In the meantime the fuel prices remained the most sensitive issue among voters & the government is in no mood to let it move freely & so let's wait & watch the next step as who knows that this can be brought under the GST regime because then everything would be settled.

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