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    Please take all care against dengue

    All members would be aware that the rains in some parts of the country are real threats to the spread of dengue fever. This is the season.

    One is told that the mosquito bites only during day time. One is also told to boil water, filter it and cool it, before drinking. The water should be thoroughly filtered as well.

    There is a herbal preparation that has a neem base. It is sold in all traditional medicine shops in Tamil Nadu. It is called "nila vembu". It is available in all such shops in Chennai city. Those who stay about Chennai, can kindly procure this. Even if there is slight fever, please do have a small quantity of this powder, mix it with 100ml of water, boil the water for ten minutes, filter it and have it with a little jaggery. This is because it has a huge sour taste. Those who live in other parts of the country, can procure this through someone who visits Tamil Nadu. This has been found very effective against dengue fever. This can also be taken in addition to the regular allopathy medicines.

    Google mentions the English name and the traditional name of what we call as "nochi" in Tamil. It is Vitex negundo, commonly known as the Chinese chaste tree,. The leaves of this tree should be dried and then mixed with the dry neem leaves. It could be put in an iron vessel and burnt. The flames should be shown throughout the house near the windows, the doors etc. This has been found to be excellent in chasing away all the mosquitoes.
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    Nice information provided by the author. Yes dengue is more likely to spread here in this season in North India. One should not allow mosquitoes in the house. Various mosquito repellents are available in the market one should use it.

    Also in case of fever always consult a doctor. Have your blood test. "Giloy" is a herb which is effective in dengue fever as it is helpful in increasing platelets of the blood. Also it is said "kiwi", coconut water are helpful to get rid of this fever.


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