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    If it is to the police, why not to a common man?

    A newspaper report reads - A cyber scam has not spared the police where a high ranking senior police official from the Internal Security Division was duped of Rs. 2 lakh. Someone posing as a bank official phoned the officer that they needed his bank details to update his two debit cards. The officer did not realize that he was being scammed but provided the details in style. Within an hour he received alerts on his mobile that Rupees Two lakhs transaction had taken place from his two bank accounts. The police officer had lodged a complaint.

    If this is the case with a police officer who is to teach the common man to be alert and not get duped, how do we expect the common man to be alert and not get duped?

    Your views and comments, please.
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    Thats interesting. When a police man can be duped by the robbers then what about the common people. Robbers have become hi-tech these days, they search new methods to Rob people.

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    The clever criminals do not distinguish between a common man and a policeman especially the cyber criminals.

    The hackers in computer world are well beyond the public as well as police. Both of us are at our wits end as to how to tackle them. Now the police is getting equipped with cyber branches but still technologically we are far behind those people who are expert in committing frauds day and night in their usual pace. More we equip ourselves more smarter they play.

    So there is no surprise if policemen are being duped. Anyway common men are already at the receiving end since long.

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    Policemen are good in threatening and dealing with petty as well as hard core criminals, but cyber criminals are way beyond their reach. In case of cyber crimes they have special cells for that, where specially trained personnels are posted and also cyber experts from top companies is taken help of in case of an investigation.

    Most of the police men, in general, are ill equipped to even understand how the cyber crimes are committed. Anyhow the crime here is referred to as Vishing, as the telecaller conned the policeman to give in his personal confidential details.
    Usually everyone wants to protect their money and in case of any call from a bank or from a person representing himself as bank personnel, he/she becomes extra scared and divulges each and every details to other person in order to protect his/her money. They forget the basic etiquette that bank never calls for debit/credit/net banking/OTP details ever. This is clear lack of updation and on his part and he has paid the price for same.

    I mean no disrespect to police but, what I have faced recently has for time being, bound me to form an opinion that, they are here to help themselves first and common citizens come last down the list of their priorities. I don't think that they can really help people who until and unless they themselves learn and update their knowledge.
    Although, I hope that my opinion changes, as I have not had a good experience with any of policeman till date. To be honest, I feel afraid rather than safe, in case I see them.

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    Police people wil also have some weak moments and they can also be deceived. My brother received a call like this. He had also given all the details. Some transactions has been carried out and the total loss was about thirty thousand. He had given a complaint and traced the transactions and the money is received back. Like this the money can come back to the police officer. Everyone should be alert and should not give confidential information to anyone unnecessarily.
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    The incident mentioned in the thread can happen to anybody because the fraudsters are calling over the phone and people receiving the calls sometimes become really worried. The fraudsters continuously call people from their numbers and whenever they find people little ignorant they become successful to dupe them.

    There are people who are not aware of these type of frauds and people can divulge secret information like their card details over phone at certain situations in which they become perplexed. In many cases the caller identifies himself as bank managers and use some tricks to know these details. There are less awareness in police force too unless they are from cyber security cell and the case of the police official in this thread is from Internal Security Division.

    Time to time the banks and the RBI issue guidelines through text messages where they mention not to divulge any sensitive information to anybody. To stop the scams of these types, we require lot of awareness among every sections of the society and we can take initiative on our own to inform our near and dear ones about the modus operandi of the fraudsters.


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