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    Do action speak louder than the words?

    How many of you believe on it?

    I believe on the same. In my opinion actions reveal one's character as people say many things but they don't fulfil them.

    I have met lots of people who promise for certain things but don't do the things as promised. Promises are easy to do but it takes lots of efforts to keep them.

    Why do people do that why do they say but don't act?
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    There is a big difference between talking about a thing and doing an action. Talking is only a mental activity in which one has to go on putting argument and counterargument to somehow justify what he is saying. To others it may look as if the task is completed. Yes, apparently the verbal task is completed but not the real one about which there was such a long discussion.

    When people really start some action then they see that there are many difficulties and obstructions and at every step there are if and buts and a number of decisions to be taken. So whether they are discouraged or are not capable of doing that, they simply leave it midway and task is incomplete.

    Many people talk very casually. They are not only indisciplined but ignore their promises and commitments often. They do not take anything seriously but on the contrary, they talk as if they are the most sincere people on earth.

    We have to take the verbal communication of these people with a pinch of salt because the next day if you ask them about their yesterday's promise, they will simply be showing their ignorance and may even resort to - 'Oh! Did I say that'. Most of the talkative people are like that.

    So, there are a few people who are not like the above and honour their words and it should be our endeavour to have friendship or relations with them only.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Yes. I agree 100%. Actions speak louder than words. Many people make so many promises. But none of the promises will be fulfilled. People will believe such people for sometime but the real mentality of the person will be understood by all in some time. They never care much for his promises. But there are some people they do what they promise. Such people will get good respect from the people. These days we observe many politicians make so many promises before elections but none of those promises will be fulfilled for the next five years.
    It is always better to speak what you can do. Think what are your limitations and then only make promises. Never try to make false promises.

    always confident

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    Actions are always more important than the words. Talking has no meaning if they are not followed by the actions.

    Talking is the most easy thing people can do but actions require real will to work and deliver.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    @Yes Neeru talking about the things is easy but to act on what you talk is tough task. There are people who just speak but never be able to work as per the things they say.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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