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    After having dark sides of advancement in technologies but what could be the positive scenes then?

    We can't rule out of the facts that the technologies have created nuisances & burden on the society & on the natural resources but this too having the brightest of the sides but how it can be? The answer lies in the uses of it. For example the sciences have proven out to be the miracle in the lives of many who somehow met with the physical disabilities. Somewhere in the recent past & in some overseas place, there used to be two families unknown to each other with one relative of a family member having lost control of his body parts but active with the brain while the other family has got the member who is not active with the brain but is good with rest of the body parts. Inhere, the doctors simply had to fix this whole in the right way & this was a success. As this was either shared in the or in the Facebook & therefore can be found out in the too.

    There can be many more instances of transplantations & donations of body parts which are nothing less than the miracle in the life its recipients.
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    I read somewhere that there was a succeful transplantation of head. Technology is helpful if used in positive way. It is also being used negatively for nuclear weapons which is very dangerous for whole mankind. Although technology is boon than a curse, the thing is we should understand and use it for positive manner.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Scientific advancements are like a double edged sword. They have negative sides as well as hopes for the humanity.

    The memories of atom bomb dropped in Hiroshima, Japan is still fresh in the minds of people. The nuclear arsenals, chemical weapons are looming on our head and creating a fear in us.

    On the other side the telecommunication and internet have revolutionised the way people think and made our lives easier. The modern gadgets are helping us to do our work in minimal time.

    So, scientific developments are welcome but only thing is they have the negative side also and can harm the people if misused.

    The insane heads of some countries in their lunatic phase can wipe out the humanity at a touch of a button by releasing multiple nuclear arsenals.

    We must understand that people should know the inherent and underlying threats associated with technology and should avoid them by a consensus approach.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Development of technology is good for a human being in many ways if he uses them positively and for good causes. But the same technology can harm the people. We very frequently hear about RDX and HMX which were used by many extremists for killing the people. But we can't ban them. Because they have many positive uses also. This is the human being making the misuse of technology with his selfish motto.
    We require explosives for many good causes. Somewhere I read a statement that the development of the country can be measured by the quantum of explosives they used. But these same materials used by human beings for some destructive acts.
    Technology development is always better but it is the human being creating all these misdeeds using these developments.

    always confident

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