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    ISC is now protected by SSL

    It has been an all-time demand from some of you to switch our site to SSL. Even though we wanted to switch long ago, we were delayed for many reasons. Now we are forced by Google to install the SSL certificate. The new Google Chrome gives a warning on the browser URL field for all non-https sites. Also, the ranking of the sites is affected due to not having SSL.

    Effective today, we have switched completely to SSL. You may notice the secure symbol on the address bar.

    Our default url is changed from


    Hope we will have a better browsing experience including better protection for our data transmission.

    Even though there is a change in the protocol, ISC works as usual and you may not notice any change anywhere.
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    It is a good news. I hope that this would help me to open this site everywhere. Earlier, I could not open this site in some computers.
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    Great news! Congratulations to all who are attached with ISC. It will definitely make ISCians journey quite smooth.

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    The enhancement of security of the site is a welcome news. I observed the change yesterday evening.
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    A very good news and a welcome measure. The security is of prime concern in the world of internet and securing our site with the latest encryption or protection is definitely going to help in avoiding the hackers and unwanted cookies to attack us.

    The original creative contents by the authors are the outcome of their hard work and if someone tries to copy it or take it away with one's name it is very embarrassing and discouraging not only for the seasoned writers but also to the budding contributors. So I hope that these measures will help us in working more safely and with more protection in the world wide web.

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    It is very nice to know that now that the site is secured. Now we will have a better protection for our information and writings. I convey my congratulations to all and thanks to ISC for the development.
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    It is good to see new changes and development at ISC, especially with regard to security of the site.
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    It is very good to know that now ISC will use https. All leading websites and following this standard. I hope this development will prove to be very helpful for all members and ISC as well.

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    It's really a good news for all of us. For the past few weeks I was noticing a warning in the browser for sites without SSL certificate, that says the site is not secure. In today's world data protection is one of the main criteria for websites that stores user data and hence it is a must for security reasons. A site like ISC where all the members have their creations stored should have all the required security measures in place and it is rightly implemented here by protecting it.

    For a little more information, I would like to add that all the websites where we make online transactions have this SSL certificate where the url begins with https:// so, during online transactions if it is found that the url begins with http:// only, then nobody should carry out the transactions in that site as the website is not secure.


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    Glad to know that our site is now secure and protected. Good news!
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    I don't know technically about how it works but very useful information by #651216 / Sankalan Bhattacharya as well. So can be referred to as yet another milestone has been added to it.

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    It is really a great work done by our admin team. the URL with HTTPS is more secure than HTTP. It has many benefits
    1. Now the communication between browser and server is more secure the previous
    2. It protects the user's sensitive information from the hack.
    3. Increases the trust of our user

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    Happy to welcome this change. Security is very important in this site since various points are being discussed regularly. Congratulations to the team who worked for this.

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    It is a welcome up gradation in the security for this site. Sometime earlier, I used to get the warning that this site is not secure.I think I had raised a post on the matter and I was assured that it was an abundant cautious warning, practically our site is safe.
    Now we are assured of better security.

    Thanks to the webmaster and team.

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    That is a good change to know. HTTPS will help in many ways ISC goes forward. And also with lakhs of users on ISC, with their profile pages, it is always good to transmit data under a security layer. I am sure it must be a costly investment, but very worthwhile input.
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