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    Sometimes we care more for things than people

    Why is it that sometimes we are more attentive towards physical possessions than towards the welfare of people? Analyze the reasons behind this behaviour.

    As the mindset of people is transitioning towards materialism sometimes we observe that people get too possessive about their material belongings. Sometimes these materialistic things become more valuable than people and relationships. People at times regret and fret if things get damaged or lost as if it was everything for them. For example, a person who has brought a new car sometimes will scold their child or even hit them even if they unknowingly scratch or damage it. Husband sometimes will start fighting if an expensive crockery happens to fall from wife's hands and breaks. Sometimes we spend more time with things that people and at times we care more for things rather than people and relationships. Sometimes people spend hours and days in regret and anger if their precious belongings get lost or damaged and they even forget their responsibilities and duties behind it.

    Is it right to be so possessive about things and that too to the extent that human relations get compromised? Truth is that things can get replaced but the relations and feelings once damaged are hard to replace. It is wise to treat things like things and people like people, these two cannot be interchanged. If your belongings get lost or damaged it is natural to feel angry, regretful and sad for some time but then forget it and move on and do not let that hamper your human relations and progress. Let us love people more than things.
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    Every bit of your your thought is true and it reflects the present face of society. We have become too materialistic and have killed our emotions, relations, separated from our families and living a machine like life. Only thing we are most bothered is how much resources we have gathered and what kind of life we live and nothing else.
    This has deep roots in out education system where we are competing from very childhood to get better marks than the other. There are hardly any moral values taught, forget about emotions or love.

    But this is a circle of life and as you have raised this thought, it means that you are not happy to see this thing and you expect a change and so do I. Slowly and steadily we will move back to our roots, where we lived for people and feelings more than money and resources.
    I know that many more like you and me will be unhapoy with this present situation and we will definitely try to change it. Things will change, as I trust the process of nature.

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    It is very true that the world is becoming materialistic day by day and we are considering our materialistic possessions much more important than the human relationships.

    The people are in a blind race for their careers, future and financial aspirations and in that unending pursuit have totally forgotten the affectionate relations and their worth. Is the pursuit for physical amenities is the only objective of life? If it is so we are in a miserable world of concrete and mortar where there is no place for sentiments and feelings.

    In fact, a happy and peaceful life is not attained with physical facilities. It is the love and attachment with our own family members and good relations with our friends and relatives which make the journey of life pleasurable and enjoyable.

    A person only engrossed in materialistic world is just like a machine and can be rightly compared to a robot who does not have any live feelings. If we believe in that then it is the end of our consciousness which is the greatest gift of nature to the species of animals known as humans.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is true we all value things more than relationship which is wrong and when we realise that we did something wrong it is already late. Many of the relationships break or become weak once we ignore them.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Human values and behaviour is more important than the materials. We should value human relations more than the other issues. But these days people are becoming very materialistic. They never care for the fellow human beings for their materialistic benefits. We should always respect the fellow human being. Keeping food in the cold storage for our next day meals is not correct when a person with you is feeling hungry and not having food to get rid of hunger. But these days we feel more about our self-development rather than the needs of the other persons. If a child has spoiled some valuable material, we can tell him the importance of that item and mentor him to understand the issue rather than shouting on him. Your shoutings will leave a mark on him but he will not understand his mistake.
    always confident

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