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    I wish day had more than 24 hours

    Sometimes when people are very busy you must have heard them saying "I wish a day had 48 hours, at least I would then be able to complete my work". Yes, this is true, when we have a lot of work even 24 hours a day seem to be less. But what is the guarantee that if the day had 48 hours people would be satisfied? They would still feel they are not sufficient. It all boils down to efficient time management while doing our work. We need to plan our work so that it fits into our 24 hours schedule. Utilizing time efficiently and doing the work in a well-planned way is the answer to today's time crunch faced by people.
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    Time management is one of the most important and crucial attribute in our life and very few people are expert on this account.

    Generally what happens is that we spend a lot of time in some activities which are our favourites - it could be some game or fun or enjoyment. When it comes to serious work we always find that time is short and start complaining about it. Time is a precious commodity. It never turns back and flows in forward direction. Time lost is gone for ever and is not retrievable.

    The art of time management is derived from discipline and firmness in life. People having strong will to perform and ambitions to go up in the ladder manage their time efficiently. They know that which activities in life are insignificant and which are important. Accordingly they give preference to the tasks.

    It is easy to say but difficult to follow the strict time regimes. It requires a lot of will and determination to suppress the inherent resistance in us which is always there to delay or postpone the works.

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    Every person has had this wish at least once. Everybody has wished that a day could have more than 24 hours. But it is not possible. Time is the only thing in the world which is exactly equal to the rich and to the poor. Nobody has any extra time. So, everybody must manage time. Time management is must for all.
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    Many times many people might have felt it. This happens when you have a lot of work on your hand and you are not able to complete the works as desired. But it is a wish which can't be fulfilled by anybody. Time is fixed. You can't make it fast or slow. When we are deep in work we feel that time is moving fast. But when we don't have any work we think that time is moving very slow.
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    There is the old saying " time and tide wait for none". It is true that most of us feel sorry when the time is wasted without doing anything fruitfully. It so happens when we do not plan our works. If we approach the utilization of time in scheduled manner, no doubt we will not blame our self.
    Time means every second. A loss of a few seconds may not affect us much, but multiples of these seconds become minutes, hours, days, months and years. If we look back we find having wasted months or years. It will not help us anyway. Only way is make sure that this will not be repeated. And proceed with this idea in mind throughot the life.


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    When it becomes a regular affair of not finishing the job within the stipulated time, many people feel the same. In that case, even if the day consists of 72 hours then also the same problem will remain. Time management is one of the important aspects of balancing and finishing all the works within a day and it needs proper planning to schedule each task.

    If one gets a new task that has never been done earlier by her/him, then proper planning to carry out that task must be there to finish it within stipulated time. The tasks that we perform on a regular basis take less time to finish because we know how to do them, but when things are not known many people get confused and carry on with the task without knowing the proper way to complete it.

    Every task has a time limit for completion and people who look forward towards life make use of the time perfectly to manage all the activities within the limit. Time management is essential for success in life and every children should be taught to manage the time efficiently in all their activities.


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    Thats the reason why time management and proper planning is required. It happens with all of us we don't be able to complete our works even we work whole day and night but thats because we don't prioritise our work.

    One has to make a list of work then has to give priority to the work. The important works have to be done first so that because of lack of time we may not leave them and suffer due to them.

    Time management is essential for everyone. Those who do it well complete their work on time and find out leisure time to relax and do other activities.


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    Time has a different meaning for different people. Those who are busy yearn for more while those who do not have work to do complain that how to pass it. They have plenty in hand this peculiar entity.
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