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    How do you feel after the festival?

    Do you experience post-festival blues?! Share your experiences after the exuberant joy of a festival, about whether you feel in low spirits and sad or in a way glad it is over.

    Durga Puja, the grandest festival of Bengalis, is over. Vijaya Dashami was celebrated the day before yesterday. We wished each other on Vijaya Dashami. We sought blessings from our elders and have blessed the younger ones.

    Now, suddenly there is a void after this four-day long celebration. The autumn has arrived. The white clouds are still there. We can still enjoy the 'shiuli' flowers in the morning. The breeze is pleasant. But we don't find that much pleasure which we used to get even five days ago. Young children have started asking the same old question: "When will the Puja come?", although they know the answer. Mother Durga will again arrive after one year.

    How do you feel immediately after a grand festival?
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    After festivals we get tired and the environment becomes peaceful. At present we have been waiting for Diwali the major festival anxiously.

    Dussehra is also one of the biggest festival of India we enjoyed a lot on the day. We went to see the burning of effigy of Ravana in the evening. The kids were happy to see it as we rarely go out on Dussehra. They are so pleased that they asked me that next time also they will go to enjoy it.

    They are anxiously waiting for Diwali as they are fond of fireworks. We have bought for them. After Diwali the day becomes dull and we feel a bit lethargic. Even don't wish to go to work.


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    In our culture we have many festivals and one after another will be coming. But Navaratri is having its own speciality. So we will feel the difference before and after the festival. We may be back to the normal with routine duties. This year we have a house warming function of my brother on the next day of Vijayadasami. So many relatives in our house and still we are not out of festival mood. The function will be over today. Many of the relatives will leave tomorrow. Office will start tomorrow. So the difference is not noticeable so far.
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    This event is a regular affair going on for years after year. It gets repeated. Having seen and celebrated this festival for many years, I don't find any much difference. All the days are same to me. Mother Durga is with us to bless us everyday.
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    The festivals which we celebrate each year help us to come out of our busy routine and enjoy life to its full. Due to various festivals, people are able to give time to their families and many families even indulge in social services. So these festivals are very important for the individual as well as society as a whole.
    But nowadays things are changing. Due to cost-cutting in various private sectors such as IT sector, people are asked to work even on festivals. The whole idea of festivals which was socializing with others is somehow becoming diluted and festivals are losing their essence.
    Even though we wait for festivals each year but it is ultimately dependent on your manager to give you off for festivals.

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    After any engagement or function or festival when the event is over a feeling of lithargy takes over and life suddenly seems to be standstill.

    Depending upon the individual attitude and perception these reactions vary.

    For a common reveller it is a sad time as the next fun time is still far. For a introvert and idealistic person it is a relief from the unnecessary hue and cry. Those who value money and do not spend during festivals feel good as compulsion to waste money is now not there.

    There is another category who also feel good and they are the serious bosses in some organisations who hate a large number of people going on leave during festival times. Once the festival are over they see that the escapists have to now deliver the goods.

    So these are some examples only and there will be more categories feeling differently after the festivals.

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    Well, in Kolkata the streets look much emptier even after few days of Durga Puja. Till Lakshmi Puja, the public transports remain less crowded and it is the kids who feel the real pain. The pain of starting the most boring thing among many kids, it is time to go back to studies and to the regular tuition just after the Pujas.

    Though few schools remain closed for some more days, but the festive mood still lingers in the minds of them and they want to enjoy little more. But for adults, life becomes usual because of the responsibilities involved. Many adults also want extended leave and if possible few of them may continue it for a day or two. Those who have enjoyed the festival in Kolkata know how it really feels after the immersion of Maa Durga. It is like a pin drop silence after so much noise. Every body waits for the celebration next year.


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