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    Is culture static or dynamic?

    Would you define culture as something which remains the same or is constantly changing? Give your unique perspective in this forum thread.

    "This is our culture." This sentence was used in one of the responses by one of our members. This made me think, what is culture? Is culture static or dynamic? While some traditions are followed as it is and some traditions changed over a period of time, the doubt arose whether they are static or dynamic. From what we see some or static and some are dynamic. The examples of static customs are banning women of certain age group from entry to Sabarimala temple, the conduct of Jallikattu etc. against the orders of the Supreme Court. The dynamic changes that took place are appointing of persons of SC and ST as priests in the temples. These are about temples only. In many other aspects, there is a sea of changes in the culture of the social groups. What is the reason for certain traditions to remain static while the others are dynamic? Is it the mindset of people with some prejudices?
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    In my opinion culture is static. Its not easy to change to change the old traditions and customaries.

    Its very tough to change the mindset of the people like what is happening now. Though the supreme Court has given the judgement but still people are opposing it.


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    I feel the culture is never static. It is always dynamic only. Many old customs of the culture has been changed. We can give many examples for this. Many aspects in our day to day living also changed a lot.
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    Culture is dynamic. Always, because people define culture and people change over time. People think according to the changing times and modify the culture accordingly. The recent developments you state are showing how Indians are going more open minded. That might sound harmful for a highly conservative society like us. Because for ages we listened to our elders. But now the times have changed and with everyone willing to contribute to society, people are having issues with their present culture.
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    Culture is the root of a society. Society is known by it's culture and traditions. Due to changes in the civilizations cultural changes also take place but they are subtle in nature. There are no abrupt changes. Even powerful Kings and equally powerful Govts could not change culture by a court order.

    A ruler can not bring cultural changes without the consensus of the public.

    So culture goes on changing albeit slowly depending upon many external and internal factors and that is why today we see large scale differences between what our epics depicted and the present day life.

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    Certain culture, tradition and beliefs are static. For example, According to Hindu tradition, culture and belief, we have our Lords, Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma and any other male Gods wear only Dhothis and Ankavastra. The Godesses Parvathi, Lakshmi, Saraswathy and others wear only sarees. Despite many changes in our culture, tradition and beliefs, can we make the above Gods to wear pant and shirt or salwar and kameez?

    So, there are culture and traditions which are static and also of dynamic nature.

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    I am of the opinion that culture has to be dynamic if the fabric of the society that follows the same need to be protected. Culture can survive with the changing times only if it is dynamic. Since it is related to the way of life, traditions, customs and behaviour of a particular group of people, there is no point in being adamant about it. But a total change in culture might never happen because in that case the very foundation on which a society is built up may crumble leading to chaos and hostilities. Changes in way of life, customs or behavioural patterns will (should) always be gradual so that it seeps into society slowly and thus becomes acceptable over a period of time. Culture has to be dynamic but at the same time, it should be a natural process and not a forced one on any count.
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