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    Know the temples where males are not allowed

    Nowadays, lots of debates are going on regarding the entry of women in the Sabarimala Temple in Kerala. In this connection, I would like to state that there are some temples in India where males are not allowed. The devout males don't demand entry in these temples and there are no debates on this issue. We must know about these temples.

    1. Attukal Bhagavathy Temple in Kerala doesn't allow men inside the complex.
    2. Chakkulathukavu Temple is also in Kerala. During 'Naari Puja', no male is allowed in the temple.
    3. In the Lord Brahma Temple in Pushkar, males are not allowed.
    4. In the Bhagati Maa Temple in Kanya Kumari, males are not allowed in the temple complex.
    5. In the Mata Temple in Mujaffarpur, during a particular period, no male, even the male priest, is allowed in the temple.
    6. In the Kamroop Kamakhya Temple in Assam, only women are allowed to enter its premises during their menstrual cycle. Only female priests or 'sanyasins' serve the temple where the menstrual cloth of Maa Sati (which is considered highly auspicious) is distributed to the devotees.
    7. In addition, during the Santoshi Mata 'vrat', no male is allowed inside the Santoshi Mata Temples.

    There are various reasons cited for these restrictions, and devout males follow these restrictions without any protest.
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    Males are allowed into the Kamakhya temple in Guwahati, Assam. I am not aware whether males are allowed or not into the other temples mentioned above.
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    And also the fact about Pushkar restricting male devotees is wrong. I've personally seen men coming in and out of the temple complex.

    I can actually name a few more temples that doesn't allow men to enter.
    The reason we men dont protest is because :
    1. These temples are not as nearly as popular as Sabarimala. So not many devotees know about them.
    2. Sabarimalas adventurous route could be one of possible reasons why women are so stubborn about visiting the temple.
    3. Sabarimala has astrological significances. Im talking about makarjyothi. I won't say that above mentioned temples don't have such significance. But many of them are not that celestially significant.
    4. Sabarimala issue has been on talks for decades. These temples havent been talked about. So supreme court thought about Sabarimala first because it was the case in hand.

    These are some of things which I speculate are the reasons behind sudden urge of women around India to visit the temple complex of Sabarimala.

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    Bahuchara Mata temple in north India, I guess in Gujarat, doesn't allow men to enter the temple. Only women are allowed. The priests there are transgenders or eunuchs according to various witnesses. This kind of practice is more seen in tribal communities. Tribal communities have mother goddesses. These goddesses are so powerful that men cower before them in their fullest splendour. So men are quite often restricted from entering these goddess temples. While the city temples on other hand are places of not only worship but trade, art exhibition, circus, communal feasts etc...So every valuable member of society is allowed into the temple irrespective of gender.
    Sabarimala is a mountain. The temple is on that mountain. It has its roots in tribal worship. This is just a reversal in classical case and women instead are restricted in this temple.

    This is how I study this issue anthropologically.

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    I have read somewhere that in Pushkar temple of lord Bhramha married men are not allowed to enter the main campus. It is said Goddess Saraswati cursed that if any married man enters it his married life will be spoiled.

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    You are wrong. I have no knowledge about all the temples you quoted. But I have visited the temples in Kanyakumari and Aattukkal. There is no restriction for men to enter the temple complex. The restriction is- Men with their shirt on, is not permitted inside the complex.

    @ You should be sure of posting such false information in the websites.

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    Makara Jyothi has nothing divine in it. It is a man-made fire which the devotees were made to believe as divine.
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    Generally, most of the temples in India, especially in south India, ladies of any age are not permitted to enter inside the Karpagraha (Main room where the idol is placed). Even men are not allowed except the Pandit/Panda/Poojari/Achary. We all can see the Lord, but cannot touch the Lord, either by a male or a female except the agent for the God.
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    1. In Attukal Temple, males are not allowed during Attukal Pongala. I forgot to write 'during Attukal Pongala'.

    2. In Kamroop-Kamakhya Temple, males are allowed. But in the sanctum-sanctorum, where the yoni had fallen, only the sannyasins conduct the poojas and only the female worshippers are allowed.

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    Mr. Aditya Mohan: I didn't know about Bahuchara Mata Temple.
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    I know gents going to Kamakhya temple, Assam. My brother's son studied in Gauhati. At that time he took his parents to this temple. But I have no idea about the other temples mentioned by the author. Kamakhya temple is one of the 18 Sakthi peethas and many people go to this temple for Darshan.
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    Males are allowed in the Kamakhya Temple, but not at that place where ''Yoni Puja'' takes place. Only the female priests worship there in the presence of female worshippers.
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    Partha, there is no restriction for males entering the Attukal Temple or the Chakkulathukavu Temple in Kerala. Men are not permitted to offer the 'Pongala' in the temple premises on that particular day. There is no restriction on wearing shirts also. There are restrictions for a particular period during 'Naari Puja' in Chakkulathukavu but that is only with respect to the Sanctum Sanctorum and not to the premises as such.

    This thread is being kept open so that members who are aware of the correct facts can bring them out for the information of others.

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    KVRR, Makara Jyothi may (or may not) be man-made but then we cannot ignore the Star that appears towards the East and the Eagle that encircles the shrine at that very particular moment. This is just for your information.

    Members may please continue with the main thread.

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    This is a new twist in the tale. It appears that in some temples at the time of certain rituals men are not allowed. I am not aware of any temple where men are never allowed. If it is so, it will be an interesting thing to know that why men have not protested for it so far.

    Traditionally, culturally, historically and since time immortal men always wanted to have their supremacy over women which was of course a wrong attitude. Some Pandits and religious heads exploited the situation further and imposed many restrictions on women knowing well that they were the weaker sex and meek and humble and will not retaliate.

    Present day women know their rights and we can not make them fool. In this light the supreme court judgement may look correct in all its prudence but the religious leaders will take it as an ego issue and will not abide by it and when people at large do not obey the rules of a land as enacted by supreme court and parliament the Govt has no other option except changing it in a round about way.

    Anyway, if men are not allowed in some temples we should also fight to enter there as supposedly we are the better half in physical as well as traditional ways. And the natural corollary which follows it that women should also be allowed to enter everywhere.

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    Allowing and disallowing males and famales, this practice is above my understanding. I wish not to demolish what I have learnt and will not be advocating such practices at all. This is the reason why I had stopped going inside, I join my hands and move. It displeases me mother, but I cannot make someone happy for the sake of getting praise.
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