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    Are we living in a jungle of statistical data?

    Now a days whether you surf the net or read the newspaper or listen to radio/ TV programs, everywhere some data is being told or displayed. It may be in tabular form or in graphical presentation and will tell about some entity and how it is changing or expected to change.

    There is a voluminous data around us and as a common person we just look at it and go ahead without going much in the details. Some people try to find out how this data is derived and how much realistic or useful it is for us but just struggle a bit and leave it as it as it may require more digging and understanding of the material.

    People are using and interpreting data to their advantage, sometimes even to show their performances.

    The statistical data moving in social circles and drawing room meetings is also very lucreative in keeping ones argument at winning place. There is a flood of data everywhere and people are taking it as it is without any apprehension about it's truthfulness or authenticity.

    Sometimes data is presented in cryptic form to impress the public. Most of the people are not aware of this and accept it gladly.

    Sometimes I have a feeling that we are living in a jungle of statistical data? Do you also feel like that?
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    To prove anything one needs a data. Suppose we want to know the crime rate in a particular city we need some previous data to calculate ot interpret the rate and if its authentic or not it depends on where this data is published. I know people try to manipulate data just to promote their product but thats how people do promotions. We as a customer need to judge if these data are always real.

    Yes we are living in jungle of statistical data as we also need some data before buying anything.


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    Yes, I agree. Today is the age of information. And data are required to establish a fact. So, we can say that we are living in a jungle of statistical data. Without data, any theory can't be firmly established.
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    In this era, we cannot have any information without facts and figures. Then only we can claim we know something about the problem. A simple example is, if somebody ask about going from a city to another one, we start with the distance, then about the time required to travel. Next will be giving an alternate route together with the distance and time.
    Another example is about the expenditure we are making a month and comparing with that of another person. Like this numbers are playing a large role in our daily life. Generally the term data refers to a collection of numbers. Generally there is a saying that if you can present something with facts and figures then you know about It, otherwise your knowledge about it is incomplete. That means one's knowledge about something will be complete only if presented with facts and figures.
    Meanwhile, the word 'data' is plural, hence should be followed by 'are'. I noticed this mistake in the first two comments above. The singular form is 'datum'.


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    It is true that nowadays there are lots of statistics available for any entity and it is always important to know them for comparison and future projections. For example, if we look into the statistics of mobile users in India, we will be able to find out how it is increasing on yearly basis. Similarly, each mobile service provider has their own statistics to show us the number of clients each one of them having.

    Each statistics contains various data showing different parameters and it is not always possible for us to understand each one if we do not go thoroughly into every parameter. For correct study of any entity, detailed parameters are necessary and hence the increase in the amount of data. With use of different software for data management, the representation through statistical format has become easier and it seems we are inside the jungle of data.


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    The availability of information is making the people wise. They are able to compare the price of a commodity between different places. This will make them more wise about the value of the commodity and they will get the advantage of procuring the material at the best price.
    Statistics is very important to know about the progress made. If we say there is an improvement in a particular aspect, if we are able to provide the data and statistics, it will make the people believe the statement.
    Yes. There are some chances to interpret the available data the way you want and make the others get confused and they may accept your argument. But always you can do that. There are people who will understand the issue properly and they can come out with a counter-argument.

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    Yes, we are seeing data and data everywhere. Some of this data is authentic and useful. There may be some fake or cooked data circulating in the media.

    We should check the statistical data available in the net only after checking its authenticity and source otherwise we will be using a wrong data in our work and our results will also go wrong.

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