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    Is it wise to spend so much money on someone's funeral?

    Recently I was reading news and came across this one. It says that Tamil Nadu government spent 99.33 Lac INR in funeral of former CM Jayalalitha in Dec 2016 as per RTI responses. As per the reports they say government did not spend money on her treatment. There are rumours that she died much earlier but was declared late.

    Now the question is, is it wise to spend that much money on funeral of someone. Although we know she was very famous but still I don't agree with it. It would have been better if they had spent even half of the money on poor. What's your opinion on this?
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    It is not only funeral but there are many occasions where money is wasted in the functions related to the celebrities. It is very unfortunate that some people make it an occasion to spend and show the public how important that person was. More unfortunately there is no one to stop this and say 'no' to all this non-sense.

    The followers want to show their respect by spending more money on such occasions and it is disheartening to know that the money is cleverly siphoned out from the Govt coffers.

    So our own brethren in various states are resorting to such glamorous celebrations and they do not mind whether that is the funeral time or marriage time. Celebration is primary to them rather than the occasion.

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    Funerals are always costly. Because we believe we need to send off the dead with their wealth. No matter from what religion you are, collecting people for profession, levying/cremating the dead comes at a huge cost. Because we have arrange food for the ones that participated. Coffins are very expensive. Cremation grounds are very expensive. Your local crematorium will not even be vacant, making death a business for them. There are many aspects where death seems like the most costly affair of the middle class. And worst part is we cannot escape these expenses.

    Coming to Jayalalithas case, she was a C.M when she died right? So she deserved a great funeral. Some really owed their life to Amma. They sent her off in the way they would send their parent off. Same goes for other politicians who die during their duty. Since their party is the ruling party they do what they want. There is no way we can stop them. This reflected in death of late Mr. Vajpayee. Since BJP is in charge now and he was their pioneer, they held a grand funeral for him. Even a holiday was declared, which seldom happens if you are not an acting PM or CM.
    We can try to curb our expenses in when it concerns our family but when it comes to the nation, we are helpless. The parties that rule us makes rules.

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    It is very unfortunate that a lot of hard earned money is going to the government in the form of taxes and this money is being utilised by the government for unproductive works like this. Why the expenses for her funeral has to go from the government. Ok. If the government wants to show respect, let the government arrange for some facilities like providing some space etc. But why so much money is to be spent. Jayalalitha was having crores of rupees and all that money will be going to her relatives and legal hires. Why can't they spend money on that?
    Already these government representatives are earning a lot of money in the form of salaries and benefits. They are even getting pension also. That makes us feel that what they are doing is also a job and once they are retired or they lost the elections, they will start getting the pension. This itself is making the government spend a lot of money. These are onlly gimmicks to get the public support and win the elections.

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