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    Why are the youngsters embracing atheism like never before?

    While there is no doubt that it is purely a personal choice to be a believer or non-believer, is atheism becoming a trend among the youngsters today? Are they distancing themselves from religious and spiritual matters? If so, why and is it really a matter of social concern? Let us discuss the issue seriously.

    It is becoming a big spot of bother. Apart from challenging every single authority like parents, grand parents, teachers, bosses in office and so on, why is that our youngsters show an increasing disdain for most matters that are spiritual and religious? At least one in every fifteen young people is an atheist. Man or woman. Many young couples too.

    Why should this happen? They tend to think that their present huge salaries will for ever save them or they can live the present lavish lives.

    While atheism is a matter of personal choice and liberty, it does have a social impact only when they try to influence others who are religious.

    What do members have to say on this trend?
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    It's absolutely a personal choice whether to be a believer or non believer, there should not be any interference from others. From my personal experience, I have seen parents and many elders are often interfering with the decision of their children without giving them the patient hearing. This actually annoys the children and that is the cause of worry of the parents.

    Those days are over when children had only parents or teachers for knowing things, now with the tap of their finger they can find credible information and they are gathering knowledge in many more ways. It is very natural for young ones to ask questions to elders about religious and spiritual things and in many cases the adults answer them vaguely which confuse the children.

    Moreover, in our daily life we see the divisive politics on the basis of religion and the flare ups in different parts of the country because of it. I am unable to understand why somebody should worry about other's choice of belief. Without proper knowledge only belief cannot bring anything in life. While money can buy every kind of materials, it is the knowledge that brings prosperity in life.

    Everything is dependent on the upbringings of the child and in many cases it is found that the prime concern of the parents nowadays is a well paid job for the child. For them, the child is trained from the beginning to be the earning machine without any concern for the others and hence the craze to earn more. As atheism is a personal choice, to be influenced or not is also a personal choice and proper knowledge about religious and spiritual matters are most important to reduce the conflict on these issues.


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    During the younger days, people have more faith in their ability. They think that they can manage each and every adverse situation by themselves. So, they don't believe in God.

    However, in some cases, some catastrophe causes atheism. As for example, my father is an atheist even at an age of 88+. Death of his mother (my grandmother) and some other near relatives at a very young age, partition, and a do-or-die struggle for survival have transformed him into an atheist.

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    A very interesting thread. - why more and more youngsters are becoming Atheist. It is true that it is a personal choice to believe in God or not and everyone has his own arguments to support it.

    Even in old times the scholars who talked against the then existing knowledge were prisoned by the King on the pretext that they were disobeying God. So it is not that people are turning to atheism now only. Atheism is a product of a rational and objective mind. It does not dishonour or disrespect God, it simply says that the theory is highly conjectural.

    The interesting thing about the existence of God is that people take solace and calmness in life by worshipping it in many forms and believe that whatever good is happening to them is because they are worshipping a particular deity. They want to impose this fact on the youngsters. The youngster is perplexed and confused. He sees that in his country he is not getting job as there are many qualified people roaming around but one of his classmate whose father has money sends his son abroad in affluent countries and the son gets good education and good job there itself and soon father also moves to that country to stay with the son.

    The youngster starts feeling whether the God in that country is different then my country? So there are many such incidents which take place in the life of a youngster that he starts having a doubt about the existence of any such power in the universe. He believes that things are going by there selves in the most haphazard and disorderly ways and people simply feel and believe that someone known as God is using us like puppets. The youngster does not buy this idea and becomes an atheist.

    So being an atheist is not a crime. It is a crime to be a theist and do all sort of corruption and malpractices and then go to a temple and offer the Lord some money and ornaments.

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    Its a matter of one's personal choice. But there are reasons too. Unlike in the past people are educated and know that by only worshipping idols of God they can't be benefitted for it they'll have to work.

    More over the way babas known to be the messengers of God are getting revealed as fraud then how can educated people believe on them and their belief on God is also diminishing due to it.

    Also in the past people used to love in joint family so they have to carry the religious belief of their elders unlike today when most of the people live in a nuclear family and don't have to carry that onus. Now a days they have their own beliefs.


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    I don't think so. Generally, youngsters are not bothered about all these factors since parents would take care of everything. Even a visit to pilgrim centres are treated as tours and they would enjoy the beauty of the surroundings and architecture of the temples. It doesn't mean that they tend to atheism. Even myself a strong believer in God, never bothered to offer prayers when I was young while my parents used to perform pujas regularly. The funniest part is, I used to pray Him at the examination time and many students, of course, follow the same suit. After marriage, my wife continued the traditions and I just followed her. Perhaps, added responsibilities and the growing age might have contributed transformation in me. Now I am a regular visitor to temples coupled with religious faith.

    Citing me as an example, I don't think the youngsters are tending towards atheism. After all it's Time that would change everyone!


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    The youngsters will have more faith in their abilities and they feel that in case of any problem there are their parents to take care of them. That is why they will not do regular pooja or other religious issues. When there is somebody to take care of you, you will not feel the responsibility and you will not have any fear.
    A parent's role is very important in making the children to understand the need of believing God. They should train them and mentor them from the beginning in such a way that they will not go on the wrong path. Everyday morning, if you perform a pooja and ask your child to come and pray for a few minutes, the child will get the habit of praying and automatically he will start believing God.
    Another issue is their studies. The parents will be always asking them to study only and they will never teach them the ethics and religious related matters. This will make the children more towards worldly issues.

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