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    Their heart remains somewhere and they are enjoying at a different place

    The life is really tough for them. They wait throughout the year for Durga Puja. For many, this is the prime time of the year, because they earn maximum at this period. You will be able to find some of them in Howrah or Sealdah station premises in Kolkata just after the Mahalaya, when the countdown for Durga Puja begins. Few have yearly contracts with the big organizers and they come to the city according to their contracts. These four-five days they enjoy with us by playing drums, popularly known as Dhaks, in different pandals all over the city. The organizers arrange their stay somewhere in their club or inside the pandal premises.

    They come from faraway villages and districts leaving their families behind when most of the people from West Bengal who work outside, come home from their respective workplaces to spend time with their families. On the other hand, at this time the families of the drummers wait for their return expecting a good earning. We enjoy on this special occasion, the drummers enjoy too through their magnificent performances, but their heart remains at their home where their near and dear ones wait eagerly with different expectations. This is how, many people are managing life with smiling faces. This is also another face of India.
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    A good presentation. The author expresses about the minds of the drummers during this festival season.
    In AP and Telangana for Vinayaka Chavithi and Navaratri in many places functions will be organised for 9 days. All the people of that village will organise many events by inviting some artists from different places and make them present their talents. They will be paid as agreed. So these artists will be moving from one place to other to make the programmes and earn money. This money will be helpful for their living. But their families will be waiting in their houses and looking for their return with a handful of money which is very essential for their living.

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    An excellent post on the Dhakis. They wait throughout the year for the Durga Puja. The leave their home, their village on the eve of Puja, but their mind always remains in their beautiful village. They can't afford to spend the Puja in their villages due to their economic condition. However, very slowly their condition is also changing. Beating the dhak (Bengali drum) is now a part-time profession.
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    Life is so different from person to person. The middle-class people and the rich ones can afford to take a few days off from work and go home during Durga Puja to enjoy the festival with their loved ones. While the people from the lower income group such as dhakis leave their family members back home and visit to other cities to play dhak to make some earning. Thus, life is so strange. To maintain the family one has to give up their own happiness but their heart stays with their family only. The dhakis are the integral part of Durga Pujo which adds rhythm to the festival. The drums sound wonderful but I am dead sure, the heart of the drummers wept secretly.

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    A very touching post from the author. For us it is a time to celebrate but for them it is a time of employment, time to earn money from their family needs.

    When it comes to the earning of livelihood for oneself then it becomes the primary concern in ones life and nothing else matters. There are many people who have taken employment far from their native place and family are engaged in even hazardous and difficult work there. All of them do not get leave to visit their families during festivals. Their plight is also similar.

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    Absolutely. This is seasonal work and they have to do it to earn money. This sad as their family celebrate the festival without them.

    And what about our army personnel who stay on the border for our safely on all festivals. This is life and we have to adjust ourself with the life. But that's sad when we are far away from our family when they expect us to be with them.


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