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    Old age - how to cope up with the challenges?

    The last phase of life is old age. Everyone reaches there and finds oneself in a challenging state. The physical strength starts diminishing and realisation of one's own inability to complete tasks starts reflecting in all our efforts.

    Old age is really very challenging and it is not easy to cope up with it calmly and patiently. Those who are in adverse financial conditions are hit the most. Other sufferers are those whose health is not in good condition and are being attacked by one disease or other.

    One of the main problems faced by seniors is the occupation. What to do when so much time is in one's disposal. When one has no work or means to pass time then time seems to be moving at an awfully slower pace. As the younger generation is busy in their career making and worldly affairs, they do not give their precious time to entertain the seniors.

    How to cope up with challenges of old age? What do you think about this?
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    Long back, I wrote some posts and an article on this issue. In that article, I suggested what to do after retirement. The link is given below:-
    Best ways to live a peaceful and active retired life

    In this article, I suggested some ways to pass time gainfully after retirement. The author may kindly go through the suggestions. One of these may help.

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    Its difficult to pass time after the retirement. I have seen people in old age gets bore after they sit at home after they are retired from the work.

    Its better for them to increase their social circle so that they may pass their time. They should go to tours with the friends thats how they can entertain themselves as youngesters these days have less time to devote with them.

    My father is retired and he is at home since last 15 years and I know how mu h bad he feels being at home all the time. He also has made his schedule and he devotes most of his time outside as spend at least 2 hours for walking in the morning and evening.


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    Coping with old age is no doubt a challenge. Old age brings with it many changes in a person, physically, mentally and even financially. So, the ways to cope with the challenges also will differ from person to person. A person who is physically fit will have better options than those who are not. I think the challenge is more for a person who has to remain confined to the four walls of his room or house. It is manageable as long as you don't have to depend on someone for your personal requirements and is independent. Your family, society and lot many more issues will be the deciding factors as to how you would be able to face the changes and challenges that follow old age.
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    People are very busy in making their career and earning the livelihood and when they reach the old age then they suddenly realize that they are now free but do not know what to do.

    So they need a new life style where time is to be given for hobbies, socializing, outing etc but this is only possible it they have planned these things in advance mentally because it is very difficult to change your lifestyle just at the spur of a moment.

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    @Neeru absolutely its not easy to change your lifestyle but with the time it changes. I remember when my father retired he was worried how will he pass his time at home but he found the ways to indulge himself in work at home and other things and now he doesn't get free time.

    It takes time to cope with changes for all of us but thats not impossible. We should change ourself with the environment then only we can survive.


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    There are many ways to utilise your time after retirement and even in old age also. But to have a peaceful life after retirement, your health should cooperate. One should have some physical exercises every day without fail. A normal walk for an hour in the morning and another one hour in the evening is a very good method to keep our health in a good state. As long as you have normal health and interest you can look for an activity which will give you some money, happiness and time pass. A teacher post in a private school or a lecturer post in a private college or a job in a private organisation will give you a good way to pass your time and it will help the people to learn from your experience. If you are not interested in going for a job, you can spend some good time with your grandchildren teaching them subject in the house. You can teach them good manners and ethical practices by telling them good old stories which will give them some good morals.
    Now if you have a desktop or laptop with an internet connection, you can spend a lot of time on that in a good way which will help you in increasing your knowledge and some financial help will also be there.

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    It's very difficult to manage things at old age if the health does not permit, otherwise there are different ways to utilize the time. The experience one gathers after working in a field for so many years can be shared with young professionals with the use of technology.

    Those who are retiring at present have some knowledge about computers and they can take to blogs to share the vast experience. They can join ISC too, where they can post articles of their interest and can answer queries of the Ask Experts section.

    There may be different hobbies in the childhood which could not be nurtured because of time. At the old age, those hobbies can be taken up again to utilize the time. Actually, there is no age to start something new and if someone has a desire new ventures can always be taken up.

    I have seen many persons joining NGOs to devote time for a social cause and it is always a good option. In our country, there are no schemes to help people when they are old. The schemes are always required to help the aged financially and provide them the necessary medical care. With age, the capability of mind changes and many aged people think that they are incapable to do certain things because of age despite being physically fit. Along with the post retirement financial plans, I think people may devote a little time to plan for things that they intend to do after retirement.


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