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    A penny saved is penny earned.

    Lots of threads are being started here how to cope up when you grow old. By reading such threads I get worried as I am also sailing in the same boat because I'm also employed in a private firm and no one knows future of ours after the retirement.

    But its wisely said save as much money you can save when you are earning so that you may spend it later on at old age when we don't have earnings.

    Now the question is how much to save and where to save?

    Mutual funds are good option, investment on property is also a good option when you have enough money to do it.

    What is your opinion?
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    Saving money is very important for anyone and it is very necessary for a private employee to have financial stability after retirement. Everyone should have sufficient savings by the time he /she retires from the job. If financially one is OK, it will easy for the individual to cope up well in their old age or retired life. A government employee will have a pension but a private employee is having no such provision and EPF pension is very less. So one should make hay while the sun shines. Make a habit of saving a minimum of 10% for the retired life. EPF. PPF. fixed deposits and mutual funds are good options for having a safe saving.
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