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    True affection is always reciprocated

    This true story only goes to show that when we show true love and affection that goes far beyond commercial considerations, it is always very easily reciprocated.

    A retired headmaster of very average means met with a nasty accident a few months ago.An urgent surgery had to be done in one of his legs. This happened in a village near Coimbatore city. This headmaster had taken all pains to instil good values in children during his service. His career guidance and ability to arrange private funding for deserving students made his students respect him as a Guru.

    When the students came to know of the accident, they simply took over. Without any fuss or publicity,the students pooled all the resources needed to get the operation done in a world class Coimbatore hospital. All expenses for the post operative care was also done by the students.

    The headmaster was moved to tears. He had huge family responsibilities and his resources were not much. The students knew everything. They did not even make it known to many people. A person known to me very closely and to the headmaster, told me everything just a couple of days ago. The students have also arranged funds for his day to day expenses. The headmaster s only daughter who is married was so emotional about everything. The students recalled with pride all the love and affection shown by the headmaster on numerous occasions. They shared what's up messages from students settled in USA.

    Though such instances are a bit rare, it does show the value of true love and affection. There is no limit to such love and affection. Till today, the students have never made any publicity. In this commercial world,such instances only prove that nothing is lost. Good values can always stand the test of time.
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    Definitely our good deeds are always counted somewhere and we are reciprocated with the same. Its not that everyone reciprocate it but if even few percentage of people do the same we can make this world good.

    How happy headmaster would have been when he was helped by his students.

    Yes such instances are very rare to see as people these days forget about the people who have done good in their life and helped them to lead the life which they are living at present. May be people have less sentiments these days and have be one selfish.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    A moving and heart touching narration. It shows that with love, affection and proper guidance the students or the younger generation can do miraculous things. These students are the real heroes. They are not even bothered for any publicity.

    Our leaders and celebrities should learn lesson from these students.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Good deeds always pay good returns. It is proved again in the incident narrated by the author. If you help some people who are in need, definitely you will get help from the people when you are in a need. You may not get the help from the people whom you helped but it may be from a different source. So one should always be courteous and good with the people. Try to help others who are in need. Help need not be in the form of money, it can be the other type of help also. The teacher helped the students in having good values and morals. So they all thought positively and helped the teacher when he is in need. The students should get compliments from all.
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