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    Comparing apples to oranges.

    The sentence has a deep meaning.

    Both apple and orange are fruits but have different qualities and taste. One can't eat an orange in place of an apple. Similarly in our life too, we can't compare our kids with others as our kids may not have the same qualities as others.

    Kids who are obedient, sincere and good in studies are considered the benchmark and other kids are compared with them which I feel is wrong. One shouldn't do that. Instead, we should try to improve the qualities of our kids.

    It is not just about kids only and is applicable in other cases also. Comparing an apple to another is justifiable but can we justify the comparison between an apple and an orange? Just give it a thought.
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    We cannot compare apple with orange. Because orange is a citrus fruit and apple not. It is like comparing a male with a female. In life, we should not compare one with the other, may it be men or women or kids. One will be different from the other, and one will be better than the other, or worse than the other.
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    I always follow the principle of NOT comparing one child with others. Every child has different qualities and as guardians, we must try to nurture the qualities of the individual child. But, as we don't do this, the unhealthy rat race begins.
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    It is very true that we should compare the things in right perspective and with similar situations and background. Blindly comparing one thing with other will create confusion and incoherence.

    Sometimes comparison brings a type of inferiority complex in the person and it does more harm to his personality as he starts to think that he is not a good performer. A person is to be motivated and guided properly to work hard to progress in life rather then wasting time in comparisons and unnecessary assessments based on somebody's credentials.

    Every person is unique in himself and has certain inherent traits which govern his actions and efforts and by comparing him to another distant entity we are committing a mistake. All are not equally intelligent and knowledgeable but with hard work and determination any of them can go to the top and have a shining career.

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    As an apple cannot be an orange and so is the case with the kids. Generally, we immediately rush to conclusion that the kids having shown outstanding performance in the class is definitely superior from the non performers. In fact, it is not that much easy since in life there are numerous turning points where the failures in academics cannot outshine in the later part of their lives.
    Immediate success does not offer any guarantee that such a performance will be sustained provided one is really serious and seriousness is the basic ingredient to success and following this a prudent planning will change ones life for the better. Comparing a child with others is a nasty play making the child demoralised rather the intrinsic potential of the child is to be highlighted in such a way so as to create stimulation within the child and a positive transformation can be brought about within the child.

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    It is correct that apples and oranges cannot be compared. Every individual is unique and there is no point in comparing one individual with another. There are tendencies among parents to compare the qualities of other kids with their own which is not advisable in any way and may turn things even worse.

    There is an unhealthy competition everywhere and most of the parents want their kids to excel in every field. This is completely unjust and affect the kids adversely. They may develop inferiority complex or jealousy because of this attitude and this comparison is one of the reasons of depression among students where they feel that marks are the most important thing in life.

    There are so many things where a child may excel and it is the responsibility of parents and the teachers to find out the child's area of interest. Proper nurturing and spending quality time with the kids is most vital to understand their traits and comparison should be done on one's own performance with respect to time for properly analyzing the quality of one's grasp on a subject.


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    Comparing a child with another child is never advisable. It will give a negative effect on them. They will become still worst and shaky. So one should make it a point that they should not indulge in this practice. Every child will be having some strong points and some negative points. One should try to understand these qualities within the child and nurture them accordingly so that they will come up in their life.
    But many parents do this mistake. They will try to admire other children and try to bring their children down. This will create a depression in the minds of the kids. So the parents should mentor them properly and see that their positive qualities will come up and they will become more efficient.

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