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    How about differential pricing for select trains?

    There is a prestigious express train called Kovai express that runs between Chennai and Coimbatore City as a day express. It is always jam packed. The AC chair car is also very famous and it is impossible to get reservation so easily. Tagging this train is another equally prestigious Stadabdhi express that starts late and arrives at Coimbatore city a little later.

    However, this train is never full because of the very high fares. Why not introduce differential pricing for this and similar trains? In other words, Once the chart is prepared, through a special counter at the originating station, tickets should be sold at discounts ranging from ten to twelve percent. There should never be advance booking
    A few seats may also be allotted to other stations ensure. No food should be served as this might require prior arrangements.

    In this fashion, the train may attract more passengers and the railways need not incur losses as the seats may be full. Market related solutions are always preferable. Alongside this, the Railways should also earn revenue by attracting more advertisements in empty spaces of such trains.

    Rigid policies may not yield results. MBA marketing wizkids should be recruited to come up with solutions like this.

    What do members think of this suggestion?
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    In our country Airlines have long back started the dynamic pricing but Railway is yet to consider it. Once the concept of dynamic fare is introduced then the fares will rise or decrease depending upon the demand and will move in a range.

    It will virtually mean an indirect way of increasing the fares as due to the rush in festival and school holiday time the fares will rise all across the country in an upward direction. Govt may not agree to this proposition as the poor will not be able to afford the trains. There is a policy and political consideration lying behind this step and it may take time till Govt comes out with something on these lines to be introduced in the Railways.

    It is also to be noted that Railway fares in our country have not been hiked for a long time corresponding to other services considering the inflation in the past times. So it is the demand of the time now to do something in this direction which will increase Govt revenue as well give people to opportunity to get reservation in train easily.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I feel this differential pricing concept is already existing in railways also. Tatkal and premium tatkal is already in place. You can reserve your seat in tatkal or premium tatkal quota and you may get reserved seats under this category by paying more. These days the majority of the trains are going full and getting tickets is becoming very difficult. So many people book the tickets even in the waiting list and waiting list number will be very large. So the question of trains going vacant is very rare. If the rail is running unfilled many times, the number of coaches can be reduced.
    The railway will issue general tickets for the trains till the last moment. If there are reserved seats vacant the ticket holders can get the reserved seats on the platform after the arrival of the train in some important stations. I think this practice is in force even today. Once or twice 10 years before I travelled like this.

    always confident

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