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    On the lines of 'MeToo' why not start a social media campaign against corruption?

    How about an open campaign on the social media against bribes, red-tapism etc on the lines of the MeToo campaign? Do you think people who have been affected will come out openly? Do you think such a campaign will bring in some changes to the existing system? Let us discuss this interesting topic touching upon the different aspects involved and it's possibilities.

    Technology and social media platform have brought about changes that no one ever imagined. #MeToo is a burning example of the same. It has not only shaken the entire country but also ensured the women that they are not going unheard.

    On the similar lines, if a campaign against bribe, red-tapism, hush money etc, by whatever name, is started, it may also bring about transparency and even fear in the minds of many government employees who harass the common citizen for every single work. Since there can be a lot of repercussions of the campaign as many false accusations may also come up, it is suggested that a person who becomes part of the campaign must also submit some proof with regard to the allegation/ complaint he makes.

    It is a known fact that Governments does try to create awareness and ask the citizens to report any case of bribery or any form of corruption to some toll-free numbers/ offices, but these initiatives have failed as people don't really use such services due to different reasons.

    I am of the opinion that people will generally be fair in reporting such cases where they are looted in the name of providing Government services since there will only be a few who are greedy or who hold grudges may try to misuse the same.

    What is your opinion about this idea? Please do share your independent and fair views. Kindly do not draw any reference or connection to the existing #MeToo campaign.
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    No doubt that the author has come up with a good concept but we need to remember that #MeToo campaign has left many in a bitter experience with no proof provided by the victims of whatsoever level or position.

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    The law of India says that no one is guilty until proven so in a court of law.

    Just like the #MeToo, the accused in this case will also be pronounced guilty without any fair trial in a court of law. Just like the #MeToo, it will result in increase in number of cases in the courts. Just like the #MeToo, most of those cases will fall flat in the absence of a proof, but by then the damage to the reputation of a person would have been done.

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    A good thought from the Author on the line of #MeToo. We already have anti-corruption bureau which handles this issue on corruption. In newspapers, we read the news about the persons who take the bribe and get caught red-handed and punished. This is happening with the proof. Whereas, someone having a grudge against someone can spoil the name, fame, and reputation of that person by the MeToo relating to corruption. Anyway, your suggestion is not bad, if it works without harming the innocent.

    Just remember a guy who fought much against corruption and came to power to remain as most corrupt.

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    I have already mentioned that it may harm many if, done without proof and that is why I suggested that proof must be provided.
    Also I have mentioned that law and helpline is already there but it is not put to full use.
    Aim to to create an atmosphere of responsibility among the Government servants that they are paid to work and not to take bribe and then work.
    It is easier said than done, law is there but hardly anyone has fear of law or else common person wouldn't have been paying up for each and every service they deserve.

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    It is a good idea and it may at least highlight the names of the corrupt persons in the media. Due to this fear many corrupt people will think twice before demanding money. When many people indicate to a particular person than his social image will be maligned and will become a talk of the town.

    As #MeToo list is becoming bigger and bigger it is interesting to note that the #HeCorrupt will also be a much bigger one and it will be not only identification of the corrupts but will help the enforcing authorities to conduct raids etc in their premises.

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    #651258, you mentioned, "Aim to create an atmosphere of responsibility among the Government servants that they are paid to work and not to take bribe and then work", but how this could be possible. We can find hundreds of videos in the but how often that we come to know that the actions have been initiated against the culprits. Any corruption is begin with the acceptance of both sides, i.e. the victim &the culprit. The bribe so the shortest of the ways through which the tasks are accomplished without much of complications. A simple instance can be taken when a biker has been caught of traffic violations by a traffic police. We don't have that much time in order to roll out for the cause & than keep following with the justices & law for the rest of the life.

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    This is a highly impracticable suggestion. The Government of Inda recently passed an amendment to the Prevention of Corruption Bill. With this amendment not only the person taking bribe but also the bribe giver is punishable. The person who gives bribe is responsible to prove the corruption. If the charges are proved the person taking the bribe as well as the person who offered the bribe will be punished. In case of failure to prove the charges, the person who made the charges will be facing a defamation and damages charge. On both the counts, the person who makes a charge will face legal problems.
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    I strongly disagree. Action against corrupt people must be taken as per existing law with evidence. This sort of social media campaign would not solve the problem of corruption. Any sane person would say this. Legal system can't function on emotions.
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    Starting any movement or campaign is good if it is solving the intended purpose. There are ways and means to report corruption in government departments but many people willfully indulge in corruption by following the usual practice. For example, in few places there is an informal rule of paying bribes to police officials for lodging a complaint and people do not bother to pay bribes. There are cases of serious traffic rule violations where the violators pay bribes to police personnel to avoid hefty fine.

    There are gross irregularities in few government offices and many officials are involved in corrupt practices. There will be some impact if a movement against corruption takes place and if a particular official or department is accused of serious corruption charges by many individuals then the government may initiate inquiries against the department/individual. There may be cases of false accusations and it is not related to any particular movement as evidenced from different reports, so the legal fraternity will work along with the law enforcement agencies to prove the cases to punish the guilty.

    But the problem is, corruption is so widespread that many people do not bother about paying little bribes as I have mentioned in the examples and it will be really tough to control the corrupt practices if cooperation from every corner of the society is not there. If a large section of the society do not indulge in corruption by paying bribes then a campaign can have some use, if they indulge in it then no movement can end corrupt practices.


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    I don't think it will solve any purpose. To prove someone guilty evidence is required and I don't think people will be able to do that. In most of the bribery cases victims don't have the proofs this is why the corruption is increasing in every field specially the traffic police.

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    I have already stated that without proof, the campaign will not succeed at all, as many will misuse it to settle grudges. In the case of traffic police, I think we give them the opportunity to penalise us or extract money from us because we don't keep our documents updated. How can a traffic police harass you if you have the DL, PUC certificate, insurance and vehicle registration documents with you? If you are wearing a helmet or using a seat belt and driving as per rules then no traffic police can touch you. I have been stopped at various checks but never had to pay a fine or bribe as my documents were always complete.
    Many of us who don't follow rules try to get out easily by paying a small sum to policemen. It is us, who make them greedy and fearless by not obeying what is expected of us. Traffic police are not the only department which I am referring to but there are many, where bribery is taken very cleverly through various devious means and not directly in hand so as to get caught.

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    I think the basic query that the author is putting forward is whether a social media campaign against corruption on the lines of the 'MeToo' campaign would be able to generate a fear factor which may, in turn, reduce the chances of this social evil. It is not being suggested as an alternative to the existing executive or legal remedies. The probability of the facility being misused has also been foreseen and that is why the proposal to support any complaint or allegation with evidence has been mooted. I do think that the suggestion is worth a trial even if it can make one think twice before demanding a bribe, in any form.
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    How to get a proof for the bribe we have given to someone for getting our work done. You will not transfer the money to the bank account of the bribe receiver. You will not give a cheque or a DD on his name. You may be giving him cash. That also you will give indirectly and he will never receive it with his hand from you. Then what kind of proof we can have.
    Even in social media if you are writing that you have given bribe to somebody, you are accepting that you have given bribe. Legally taking a bribe and giving a bribe is also an illegal act. So the person gave and the person taken are liable to be punished. By confessing that you have given a bribe through your post in social media, the police can book a case against you and they don't need any other proof to punish you.

    So I think the proposal of starting Me too for corruption may not be possible. If presently someone is asking you bribe and if you have not given so far, then you can do that if you can record his voice when he is asking you the bribe.

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    The challenge here is, if you say #MeToo paid a bribe, you will go to jail for paying the bribe!
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    Feels good to see reply from our Webmaster.
    Agreed that it will be a challenge, but isn't #MeToo a bigger challenge for every lady that has come up with such painful past. Even those have told their stories can go to jail for defamation, if the accused party pursues the case.

    It will really be very hard even for those ladies to provide the proof as most of the incidents are 5 to 10 year old.

    We should think of mitigating this 'Challenge' and some changes can be brought about in Prevention of corruption law, as the clause of bribe payer is also at fault is very biased considering the Government servants never work until you grease their palm. I know of few ways as to how they take bribe but, I would not like to discuss the same on this forum.

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