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    Do you support Karnataka Forest Department's proposal for extra marks?

    Nowadays we see many novel efforts to encourage people to plant saplings and to protect young saplings. Karnataka Forest Department has brought one such proposal. According to the Bangalore Mirror (a newspaper), Karnataka Forest Department has mooted a proposal where the students may get ten marks added to their Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board (KSEEB) total, for taking good care of plants.

    Although many have supported this scheme, I have my own doubts. If there are five subjects, for planting saplings and protecting them for three years (from Class-VIII to X), a student of Karnataka Board would get 2% extra marks. Isn't it unfair? Should we link Board examination marks with planting and protecting saplings? And who will objectively judge the performance of the students?

    Members, what is your opinion on this issue?
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    Though it will be difficult to objectively judge the students, but I find there is a logic behind the proposal. All the students are concerned about scoring good marks in the board exams and if some marks are scored by taking care of the environment then at least there will be awareness among students to care for the plants and about growing pollution.

    The education system in our country is somewhat really confusing that helps students to know a lot of things, but very few are required in real life. There are engineers and graduates coming out of colleges without any practical knowledge required in the field of application and there is no synchronization between learning and industry requirement. If we look into our own studies during childhood, it is easily understood what is the actual requirement and how much unnecessary things we learnt.

    Students should learn things which can be applied in real life, rather than things which they will remember only during exams to score marks. The education system in our country needs complete overhaul and if the curriculum is designed in a way where students will be awarded marks for caring for the environment and learning many first aid techniques then it will really be a good step.


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    I have my own apprehensions about this proposal-

    1. On what grounds would they rate a student?
    2. How can they verify that the student has actually taken good care?
    3. It would be unfair to other board students.
    4. It is very much possible that wrong practices might flourish

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    No. This is not good for the students.
    As expressed in #651269, in the absence of clear-cut guidelines, there are many chances for misusing the issue.
    These are two different issues. One can't be clubbed with another. If somebody is doing good work and taking care of the plants and seeing that they will grow, let the government give some financial help or some gift sort of thing but should not add marks to the student. Encourage the students to see that plants are grown and more plants are planted. Let them create some competition among students and let them award some gifts.
    The 2% may become very crucial for some people to get the benefit over the people who got 1% more than these people with their hard work.

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