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    Will this #MeToo movement curtail the scope of employment for women?

    Nowadays people are discussing various aspects and significance of #MeToo movement. Some people are saying that this movement would curtail the scope of employment of the women, because employers would hesitate to employ the young women. I have been thinking seriously about this issue.

    I feel that in the Government sector, the women candidates won't face any problem because of this movement, because in Government, the selection is completely based on merit and maximum stress is given on written examination. Interview, if any, carries only 20% weightage.

    However, in the private sector, there is a scope of choice if more than one candidates are of almost same quality/ability. In such cases, the interviewer, due to the ongoing #MeToo movement, may prefer male candidates if he/she thinks that the organization may face problem in future with female candidates. In such cases, the scope of employment of female candidates would get curtailed.

    Members! Kindly indicate your opinion on this issue. A logical and less acrimonious debate is expected.
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    This is nothing but a distorted view of the #Me Too movement. The movement is aimed at stopping the harassment of women at workplaces and not for creating troubles. The employers may not be worried about it all as there is a "Handbook of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013, released by the Ministry of Women and Children in November 2015." The handbook provides grievance redressal mechanisms for survivors of sexual harassment and also act as safety mechanisms for those who are falsely implicated. The employers have nothing to worry about employing women in their organization if a suitable woman candidate is available.
    Some of the employers may think the other way round and employ mostly women in which case the employment potential males may be affected.

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    It is unlikely that this movement will have such a repercussion. In fact what will happen is in work places the offensive males will be a bit more careful in their behaviour with the ladies and may appear more sober and to the point type of attitude.

    I hope this movement is going to bring such positive changes in organisations.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    "This is nothing but a distorted view of the #Me Too movement"------------This is not a view. This is a probable outcome of the movement which I want to discuss in this thread.

    Ms. Bhatt: In the workplace, 99% of males are very sober and courteous (in some cases, artificially) to their female colleagues. Only 1% male creates the problem for all, especially for the administration department of the organization.

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    Yes sir, the probability in the minds of very few people. There will not be any danger of the women losing the job potentiality. They can take care of themselves without others worrying too much about them.
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    I don't think so. It all depends on vacancy in the firm. One can't hire a female in place of male.

    I don't think this movement has changed the mind of the employer. If you are true nothing can change you. This is harsh that people are involved in sexual harassment of their female collegues/employees. But that doesn't mean that people will hesitate to keep females on the job. Employers understand the fact that females are more efficient and hardworking than the males. This is proven.


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    Before I talk about the employment of women, I wish to know how this#MeToo movement will help the ordinary women in their workplaces. Will they need to go online first to tweet and make a noise about the accused? What should an ordinary woman do if she was harassed sexually in her workplace? Should she go to the police station to lodge her complaint? Who will deal with the case?

    For e.g.
    There are ladies working in fields of a landlord. They are being harassed by the landlord or his subordinates working under him. To whom they will report and how they will report?

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    Very pertinent question from Mr. SuN. The very nature of this movement proves that it is based on social media, whereas poor, underprivileged women still don't have access to social media. So, their cases will be ignored.

    However, in this thread, I have been discussing educated, middle-class and upper-middle-class women who are working or is going to start their career.

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    @Partha, if a woman is harassed then she should lodge a complaint in police station first there is no use of complaining it on social media as there are less chance of hearing them on social media if they do so.

    But thats difficult also sometimes as they feel embarrassed to complain on such cases as sometimes the culprits are so powerful that they are not even questioned by anyone as the woman who is harassed has no evidence to prove it.

    This is delimma that authorities don't take actions if there is no evidence, just by saying it that they have been harassed is not believed.


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    From the responses, I feel that we are slowly but surely shifting our focus from the issue which I want to discuss here. I reiterate the question. Will this movement in any way curtail the scope of employment for women in India?
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    The question by the author being very clear, members are requested not to divert the point under discussion for whatever reasons.
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    Mr. Partha, your question is very valid. People might be ignorant or ignoring the fact that with this movement #MeToo, employers will definitely think twice before hiring female employees.

    Just recently I heard a news about how an actor took all the necessary precaution before performing a scene with an actress for the fear that she may tomorrow come up #MeToo.

    It is very brave of women to come up with their ordeal in the social media in the form of #MeToo, but I do feel that employers would think twice or thrice before hiring women. I come to this conclusion because I myself heard one of the private employers say, with lots of restriction and security issues, it is better not to hire women employees.

    Now it also depends on the employer, how willing he is and how unbiased he is towards gender.

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    My simple and straight forward answer to the author is - NO, Not at all. Women will continue with their employment in government or private sector. Apart from the government, private companies will like to employ women as they need not pay much to women employees. #MeToo will not have any serious reduction in women employment, I am sure.
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    I don't think that there will be any impact on employability of any woman, on the contrary they will be hired more at places where the management is confident of their policies and code of conduct. This fact cannot be ignored that women are equally competent and at many places better than men. An employer who values talent and competence will never be biased in hiring a female employees.
    Yes for very small companies or unorganised sector there is a possibility that they may not hire women in fear, but this fear is baseless, as one who values work will never ever harass a woman or let any other person do the same.
    It's time to accept that change has come and we must welcome it and make workplace as well as public places safe for every female.
    Soon this will also follow to uneducated class too or lower class and believe me they are more vocal in demanding their rights than the middle class or educated womens.

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    I feel that Ms. Neethu is correct. Many of us still don't understand the full impact and effect of this movement. It (the movement) will create wide-ranging problems.
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    @Neethu restrictions and safety issues were there even before the start of Metoo movement so its not that the employers are sacred of such movements. And I believe there is nothing like that females will not be preferred for job due to it. We have 60% of female employees in our organisation where app 3000 employee works and we still prefer females as they are hardworking and responsible for the work.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Why don't we understand that #MeToo movement is just a seasonal hype & this got nothing to do with the natural course of anyone's professional or personal lives? There will continue to be the problems irrespective of the sex one belong to & we need to understand that we live in a society wherein the weaker are always exploited by the powerful individuals or sections of a society & will continue to be existing in the future.

    What we need is to be more aware of handling of such activities. We will have to get rid of the common misconceptions that this is a male dominant society because the circumstances & trends are changing & that in many organizations it's woman only who is leading the company or the department & therefore leaving no room for any mischievous activities onto them.

    The problem with us still is that we all are surrounded by the beliefs of, "In fact what will happen is in work places the offensive males will be a bit more careful in their behaviour with the ladies and may appear more sober and to the point type of attitude". #651309 / neeru bhatt, but these mindset will never talk of the fake blames by the ladies to their counterparts or to their opposite sexes.

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    Mr. Sun - "private companies will like to employ women as they need not pay much to women employees." - Now, this is another debatable topic, if new thread raised on this topic would surely give my views on it.

    Mr. Sanjeev- Sure enough, employers were scared of security issues, I was myself rejected for a project by a manager in my previous company, stating he doesn't want any girls in his team. But a few months later, he himself hired me back. It took so much time for employers to come out of the shell and start hiring women and give equal pay. Just when employers were comfortable hiring women/girls without any hesitation, now, it's not undeniable that with this new movement of #MeToo, definitely, employers would think more than twice before hiring women.

    These are all rippling effect, I am not against #MeToo, I am proud of those girls/women who have come forth with their ordeal. But I speak from my experience of what I have seen and heard.

    Opportunities will reduce at the workplace for women at least to some extent or women would be made to sign many more agreements before hiring. These are the things which are coming into effect.

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    There is a chance for a reduction in the employment potential for the women with this movement. Many private companies employ both ladies and gents. There is a chance for unnecessary activities from both sides. If the name of the company gets a negative propaganda through this movement, it may have many problems and their reputation will go bad. So to avoid these unnecessary problems the management may try to avoid posting women and may take only gents. Some may ask why not to employ ladies only. There are some restrictions in the rules and regulations for employing ladies. This is with regard to private jobs.
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