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    Slow and steady wins the race... No more these days.

    How many of you agree with this old saying?

    I don't believe it now as life itself is a race and we have to compete and have to win it or at least have to do better than others.

    There are people who work fast without any flaws and there are people who still believe on the saying and works on their own pace.

    Who is the winner then?

    We all have to maintain our style of working with the people otherwise have to bear the consequences and may remain behind . Improvement within ourself with slow pace and ensuring that we are doing our work steadily and will finish it better than others doesn't work these days. Even our bosses at work place require assignments completed in short time and with the perfection.

    Then how can we stick to this old saying? Is it right to still believe on the same old saying and teach our kids the same and ask them to compete with the world?
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    You are using this concept in wrong sense. No one masters skills in one day. Some take shortcuts, and some are doing that stuff with diligience and excel in it. If manager will ask for assignment quickly and you are in that job, but without skill? How is that even possible?
    One lied in his or her interview and said, that they know the tool, they know that skill. Were they not assessed?
    I will stick by my old notion,"Slow and steady wins the race". I have seen some newbies doing excellent coding, but they also learnt it, one cannot master programming in one day. There are challenges, where we have to submit the assignment on time, but if we do it without skill, or we do it really fast, maximum times, there are bugs and client makes an issue out of it. On the other hand, one who gave the correct estimate and had learnt that skill in the past, following the pattern, of being consistent, is always the most relied upon.

    Iti Tyagi
    "Soar to Success"

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    This proverb is much applicable to a single individual or a group, not to a person or a group working under a boss or a firm under the control of someone. A fellow or a group working fast may not have complete satisfaction, but a person or group working with care and steady in his activity, taking time, will have the fullest satisfaction. You must be talking about the progress made, but I talk about the satisfaction at the end.
    No life without Sun

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    No opportunity will wait for us. we have to grab it. That too when a mad rush is there in the public a first comer will have the advantage.
    This year during Ganesh Chaturthi, the clay idols were distributed freely. The officers brought these idols and camped in a particular place. The people of that area has to go and collect the idols. I have started from my house to collect it. I am going on my own speed. Another boy started running and gone there and collected the idol. By the time I have gone there the stock was over and no idol is available free of cost. Then I have spent Rs. 250/- for a clay idol. Here the above saying will not hold good.
    Under which condition that saying was used is more important. Any saying like this will not hold good universally all times.

    always confident

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    This old saying still holds good in it's intended purpose. The saying stresses on the word steady which means that if we sometines work fast and sometimes slow and sometimes just do not do anything then it is not a good approach. What is required in life is continuation of things in a steady phase. Do not stop or feel discouraged but keep going.

    That is the spirit. So slowly does not literally means physical slowness. It says that sometimes one may be slow but if one is consistently working hard one may get success in life.

    In my opinion slowly does not mean physical slowness. In this saying, it only means calmness, patience and persistence of achieving our goals.

    Knowledge is power.

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