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    Sardar Patel stands tall and still in Gujarat

    The Iron Man of India Sardar Vallabhai Patel will stand tall and still in Gujarat from 31st October 2018. While we had statues only to worship our deities in the past, now we made statues for great personalities in the public places to have them remembered forever.

    In the line of statues, we now have a tallest and biggest statue of Sardar Vallabhai Patel who fought for India's freedom and development.

    This statue will be the tallest in the world. The total height is 787 feet including the base of 190 feet. The height of the statue is 597 feet (From toe to head) It is taller than the present tallest statue of Buddha in China with 419 feet.

    The statue will be opened on 31st October 2018(A day to remember Iron Lady Smt. Indira Gandhi).

    We all should feel proud.
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    That's good to know it.

    I am happy that a freedom fighter will also have his statue that too the biggest one. Also in our country where we have only idols of God and Goddess it feels good to have a statue of a freedom fighter.

    Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel was born in Gujarat. He was a barrister and has a major role in getting freedom from British. He is remembered for this.


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    I am happy and all I can say, I wish to have similar funds utilized in roads development too. That's all. I wish similar funds should be added to have road side cameras in cities with major crimes.
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    A statue to a stalwart like Sardar Vallabhabai Patel is welcome one, who was the strong man behind uniting the India as a republic by abolishing different small kingdoms within the nation. He as the Home Minister in the first ministry took the initiative to form the United India.
    However, the estimate for the Statue is reported as Rs. 3001 crore. Of course the same was quoted for Rs. 2989 crore. Can our Nation spend this much just for a statue when crores are still very below the poverty line ?


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    Of course, It is such an enormous amount that need not be spent. But the statue shows to the world how big, tall and rich we are! In a country of over 100 + crore population, just think that each individual Indian has contributed less than Rs.30/- each irrespective of rich or poor, for the world to look at the statue and know India, Indians and their art. India's Thiruvalluvar statue (133 feet) on the Kanyakumari rock also speaks much about India.
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    It is good that a big statue of a great man is getting opened shortly. These days we see many statues of various politicians and other stalwarts. But after sometime we will forget about those idols and no one will take care of them. Many birds will be leaving their waste on these statues. Just one or two days before their birthday some people will come in a hurry and clean it. And the big man will come and garland it on the birthday of that person and again people will forget the same for the next one year. I hope the statue will not become like this and it will be maintained properly.
    The question here is why so much money for a statue? How it is going to be recovered or what is the advantage we are getting out of it? No answers for these questions.
    No doubt SP is the iron man of India and he has done a lot in the freedom moment and helped India. But by having this statue is he going to get any additional respect? I don't know. There are many other ways to show our respect to these people. The size of the photo of a father who is not there now will not be an indication of the respect the son had towards his father. If I am wrong please ignore me.

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    For sure the proud moment for us & for whole of the nation. It's a first of its kind wherein the forgotten personalities are remembered in this way or otherwise we just had one dynasty being spread everywhere. Thanks to Modi Ji that he already have accomplished of an image in which he can be remembered for a undeniably longer period that one can ever imagine of. The era is changing.

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    It is great that after long last, a stalwart of the freedom movement and the iron man who integrated the country, Sardar Patel is getting his due recognition.
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