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    Why women are paid less than the men in private firms?

    I have observed that women employees are paid much lower than the men in private companies. This can be practically witnessed in many areas where both men and women work.

    What is your observation, and why it is so?
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    In many countries even the developed ones there is a gender discrimination in the emoluments of the male and female employees on the plea that women can not stay late night in office, they can not do night duty etc etc.

    This is really a sad thing and is an excuse to save money by companies on such pretexts. In fact women are supposed to be more sincere and devoted in work if proper infra structure and facilities are provided to them. They are less distracted in comparison to the men.

    Even in promotions and getting leading positions we will not find many women in certain organisations which is definitely a gender bias, may not be openly but in the background in the power corridors of an organisations.

    We talk of equality but there are many things still creating a bottleneck at places.

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    My observations are different. The government has come out with minimum wages for workers and in this, they classified the payment based on the category of work and place of living. The minimum wages are the same for both the genders. There is no consideration of gender here. In government organisations there are fixed scales for each post and the same will be paid for all the persons working based on their class but not based on gender.
    Coming to other jobs which are not coming under the minimum wages act, the salaries in the private organisations depend on the importance of the post and the qualification and experience of the person. If the management feels that the services of a particular officer are essential they may pay more irrespective of the gender. The payment will depend upon the skills and the experience rather than gender.
    Maybe there are a few places where this type of discrimination is there but it is not a general concept followed by all private organisations.

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    I don't agree with the author here. The pay is completely dependent upon the competitiveness of the employee & this is more specifically in the private organizations. This can easily be evident of the fact that many of the good firms are having the woman in the leading roles. In addition, the government jobs too can't be an exception here.

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    Yes, this inequality can be witnessed in many places. But the female employees are responsible for this. They don't complain about this real inequality which is against the Constitutional provision of the country. The feminist leaders also don't bother to raise their voice against this discrimination.
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    I haven't seen this trend in a while, at least not in my domain. There were number of examples, where female colleague was getting more wage, and also more responsibility as per her capability.
    It will be a huge help, if Sun can provide the relevant data or link for us to ponder upon.

    Iti Tyagi
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    Iti Tyagi,
    Take the example of men and women working under a building contractor. There, as assistants to the mason, the job performed by a male and female are same, but the wage paid to them differs much.

    Take a male receptionist and a lady receptionist in a hotel, their salary would differ.

    Take a male sweeper and female sweeper in any office or company, their salary would differ a lot.


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    The organization that I work for, doesn't discriminate the pay scale based on gender. Your payscale is based on your experience and efficiency.

    This practice may not be followed everywhere, there are many workplaces where payscale is biased based on gender, which is totally unacceptable and in such places they should come forward and raise their voice. I don't how feasible and effective that would be.

    If women are hired just because they are cheap and not because of their talent, it is the biggest discrimination done to an individual. This should not be encouraged and stopped right away. People with legal knowledge might be able to suggest what legal course can be taken against such organization/individual who discriminates based on gender.

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    I don't think so. Women too are paid equally in private firms. I wok in a pvt firm and here in my organisation they are well paid. But I understand they may be paid less due to the reasons as they can't stay late in the office when there is more work pressure. As in most of the pvt companies employees are asked to work at least for 10-12 hrs in such case women lag behind males. In our office they are not asked to stay back after 8 hours which is the drawback for them.

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    Sir, on the contrary, I have seen females getting more as a receptionist, as a Air Hostess. But areas where males have majority, like stuff which requires physical work more, labour there, I have seen less wages for females. But again, since there is never any data to measure these claims of these people, it is always missed and not managed.
    Iti Tyagi
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