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    Absurd analysis of personality traits based on Zodiac signs

    It was highly amusing to read at a page about the list of so-called extra nice persons or very mean people who are just so as per their Zodiac sign. I have always wondered how on earth can a Zodiac sign determine somebody's traits just off the cuff like that? How are these generalizations made? Is there a possibility that some people who have deep beliefs in Zodiac signs get influenced to change the way they interact with others after reading such an analysis?
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    To me, My Zodiac and other related things match perfectly when I have gone through a book on Astrology. It clearly spells out my character and personality traits. Not all astrologers but only a few experts words match. It is not only the zodiac but also the Lagna and other stars positions matters.
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    General predictions that are given in the newspapers on daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis or yearly basis can't be considered as correct predictions. We can just take them as a broader indications only. Many people will be there with the same star on this earth. How they can have the day similar.
    But the predictions made based on our individual chart prepared by the astrologers based on our time of birth and place of birth will definitely indicate our traits. The interpreter should have the correct in-depth knowledge about the subject and the time of birth should be accurate to less than a minute. In such a case, there are good chances to get predictions accurately.

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    These interpretations based on zodiac signs are coming under Astrology. The horoscope of an individual is prepared based on the day and time of birth. The positions of stars and planets at the time of birth are calculated, of course using the astronomical theory. Based on the methods developed in astronomy the positions can be exactly calculated and marked. This is the horoscope which is used for astrological interpretations.
    Up to the level of preparing the horoscope there is nothing but simple mathematics. At the time of birth of a child where these stars and planets are positioned, which will be marked in the horoscope. But the next stage, that is interpreting the future of the child born at a particular time, is coming under Astrology. Astrology has not been considered as a Science in the modern sense. Hence the analysis of a person's life based on this astrological method has not be accepted by scientists. However, we have astrologers around us who interpret the person's life using the horoscope. Their interpretations are very often based on the individual. The same horoscope will be interpreted differently by different astrologers.


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    These predictions are not precise. Sometimes they are true about me and sometimes even the single thing doesn't match.

    I used to read them in newspaper in the morning or Ganeshaspeaks. com on net. Here on this site I have observed that most of the things they used to write about my zodiac is true.


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    The personal traits according to their zodiac is true and can be believed. There are 12 different Zodiacs. So, there can be 12 different personalities with their complexion, physique, character and qualities. All will come under 12 or within twelve. The Navaras (9 characters are based on nine grahas) Otherthan Sun and Moon, he grahas Saturn, Mars , Venus, Mercury and Jupiter have two each zodiac for them. Raghu and Kethu don't have their own Zodiac.

    As we believe in Geetha, Bible and Quran etc; we should believe in the astrology written by the great saint Agathiar who is the authority on Astrology. It is said that It was Lord Karthikeya(Subramanya) who blessed Agathiar with Astrology in Tamil. Later, it spread to the world.

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    I would like to say that I am not a great follower of this practice but by saying so I cannot deny that I love to hear predictions made by the astrologers. Well, I remain quite confused regarding the reading made on the basis of horoscope and between the reading based on the western zodiac pattern. I can easily relate to the reading of horoscope and not with the analysis based on the birth month.

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    I think I already mentioned this some time ago. I can predict people's character using their zodiac sign and some random answers. But that is mostly intuitions and playing safe with stats. For an example I can safely bet that one of your cousins have a letter A as the first letter of their name. Because stats favor my bet. These predictions are made on basis of such stats. Zodiacs fall in months and months fall in seasons. So I indirectly draw the influence of that season on the person. Like I can definitely pit myself against anyone and say anyone born in December is a bit of a socially awkward person but a very smart/sly person. And the chances of me being right were 4/5. The reason could be the season, "cold" like December. Although this sounds silly and more metaphorical than practical this thing works for me and I amuse some people with these tricks of mine. I'm sure these pages run on such algorithms too.
    With proper observation anyone can predict your character without even knowing you.

    Yeah but certainly, zodiac in itself has no effect on human personality. Not something that psychology approves of.

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    Why have some belief in zodiac signs and the personality traits is because of my own star, Lagna and Zodiac(Raasi)
    My star is Uthiram - The 12th star among the 27 astrological stars lying in the Zodiac of Virgo(Kanya). According to this, I am supposed to be with a very pleasant look, soft natured with a quality to convince others. - It is true

    My Lagna is Leo( Simha). The owner of this zodiac is Sun. I am supposed to be fair, brave and courageous with military bearing, and also to be adamant and stubborn - It is also true.

    In my Horoscope, I have Sun and Mercury placed in the Zodiac Sagitorius (Dhanush) of Guru(Jupiter) that speaks about my education, wisdom and knowledge, - This is also proved to be true.

    But I do not believe in daily forecast, weekly forecast, monthly forecast and annual forecast. They all look rubbish to me as they are written by half baked astrologers to make cash through the media.

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    That is not absurd but a calculated move to get people to read that article.

    There are 12 divisions in the zodiac. When you divide the entire population from the last 200 years, and divide them by the 12 signs, each sign gets about 630 million people.
    Pick out about 60 famous people, and the chances are each sign will get 5 names.

    That being said, I think there is a lot more validity in the astrology and palmistry and other things that get mocked today, than in the absurdities found in the globe earth or the global warming or all the nebulous evolutionary stuff that is supposedly happening in the outer space or on the other planets. Or even for the modern pharmaceutical wonders, that never cure but just fix you enough to keep buying medication for the rest of your life.

    God created earth and placed the astral bodies for signs and for seasons, and for days and years. A study on these things brings out more truth than one is willing to accept.

    Using zodiac sign, one can get a general idea and be correct up to 75-80%. The remaining comes from a detailed study on other aspects of moon sign, and maybe more. Whatever the signs may say, we are not bound by that prediction. We have the freedom of choice and the the ability to make decisions and change our traits and destiny and anything else. Those who simply accept whatever is predicted are also resigned to fate and get exploited by smart people.

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    It is a very interesting but controversial subject. The faith and belief are the very important factors in our life and they are instrumental for our confidence in zodiac signs.

    There are many knowledge areas which are based on conjecture and statistics. Zodiac signs which is a part of Astrology is one such branch. It does not fit in the series Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Astronomy, Geography, Zoology, Geology ... and so on. So scientists can not give a verdict on its effectiveness. They will simply condemn it.

    Zodiac sign predictions and methodology is more akin to Palmistry, Forehead reading, Tarrot cards, Parrot cards, Forecast by religious leaders etc.

    Statistical predictions come true many times and that is the simple reason of some people believing in it. Whenever they fail the astrologer tries to explain it in some way which is not understood by the gullible believer.

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    My point is: how can a Zodiac sign determine our traits? Do we not acquire them due to various factors, a few hereditary ones, some through habits that evolve over time, others through experiences with peers, etc.? And how can we judge a person's trait just because he is of so-and-so Zodiac sign? Should we not get to know the person better? In fact, even after knowing a person for a long time, we are often shocked at some unexpected trait that springs up, some aspect of his/her character which was hidden. Do we say, "Oh, that is not a characteristic trait of your Zodiac sign"?!
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    Let me first narrate something before coming to a conclusion. My daughter is born on 30th October, 2000. According to my wife, she is a Scorpio (like me). One of her school-mates is also born on the same date. Both of them were born in Delhi. So, the other girl is also a Scorpio. But their nature is totally different, their academic performance is also totally different. The family backgrounds are also not the same. Now they are studying totally different subjects.

    From this simple example, I simply conclude that zodiac signs have no basis.

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    In my post above (#651377), I had mentioned that Astronomy is a Science but, astrology is not . Modern science has not so far accepted it as a Science. Also it cannot be treated as an outcome of a statistical study. Nobody has tried to study the results using statistical means. I mean collecting data and analysing it based on different zodiac signs.
    Once in a seminar on the astrology , I had invited attention of the participants, especially those who were practising astrology, to make a study using statistical methods. But nobody tried. Incidentally, my father knew astrology and used to analyse the horoscopes of different friends and relatives.For him it was not a business, only a pastime activity. Father collected the horoscopes of several persons who were affected with a particular disease. However, he died before completing his work.
    At the same time, father who learned astrology himself and through discussions with others, had made certain predictions which came true.
    Discussions on Astrology and it's capability of deciding an individual's personality as well as future are going on since long back, but no conclusion has yet been arrived at.


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    These zodiac trait quiz or articles are just for fun and everyone seems to know that. Since it is just an entertainment I don't think it is hurting anyone's sentiments here.
    So people would still prefer the age old method of getting to know a person than to rely on a Buzzfeed personality article.

    But to answer your follow up, no zodiac traits are not inherited as signs aren't. Your lifestyle depends on your choices alone and not by the command of zodiac or higher astrological powers. No one takes these things seriously, because stuff like friendship and love happen involuntarily.
    And yeah, if you observe enough, even you can formulate the trait chart of every zodiac sign with every age group included and you would be right atleast a seventy percent of time.

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    Here, question is how Zodiacal signs affecting the personalities of the people. This is a very interesting question.
    Zodiacal signs are not affecting the people's character. It is the celestial motions that are affecting the characters of human's on Earth.
    Space visible from the Earth is divided into different zodiacal zones for mathematical calculations only. Different celestial motions have very deep influence on life and consciousness of humans on Earth. We all know the first celestial motion,that Earth is rotating on its axis once in every 24 hours. Significance of this motion is that this rotation causes humans move from waking state to sleep state and back again in every 24 hours. Our bodies have adapted to this motion. The second celestial motion is that Earth's revolution around the Sun. This motion prompts trillions of life forms to spring out of the ground, bloom, fruit and decay. The changes in the ambient field which surround our planet can dramatically affect human performance. Our Vedic scriptures also says when the autumnal equinox moves from Virgo to Aries, humanity moves through ascending Yugas before slowly declining in reverse order as the equinox completes its journey. The Greeks and the Mediterranean civilization also described the similar periods of long cycles. Whatever languages used, the concept is the same. When our solar system is at a point farthest from its companion star, humanities consciousness is at its lowest point and when Sun is at its closest point consciousness reaches at its highest points in its cycle. Sun's motion in space causes Earth's field to wax and wane resulting the rise and fall of great epochs. But, we do not have that much technology/knowledge to explain the Celestial motions effect on individual characters now, and that may be explainable in near future, I believe.

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    We acquire personality traits from different sources where heredity, environment, upbringings etc play a major role. It may be interesting to read the personality traits attached to each Zodiac signs but those are mostly generalized.

    There are many cases where few persons of same Zodiac signs possess completely different characteristics and there may be some explanations about these differences by astrologers, but in our daily life people rarely try to tally the traits of a person with the traits mentioned for that Zodiac sign.

    When we are talking to others or meeting new people we do not bother about checking their Zodiac signs unless somebody has a special interest in that subject. People only follow the characteristic traits of their own with their respective Zodiac signs or for a few near and dear ones. I have heard from few people those who have an interest in astrology, that few basic characters of people always match with that of their Zodiac signs and it is used as a basis to draw the outline of a person's character. But for prediction, in-depth analysis of the time and many other factors are taken into account by good astrologers which can be of some use to certain persons.

    It's always debatable whether there is any logic behind all these calculations or not, but the thing is there is no clear cut interpretation on the issue because to some it works wonderful, to some it is not of any use and some even say you need a good astrologer for correct prediction.


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    The analysis of personal traits based on zodiac signs cannot be relied upon. They are based on certain general assumptions which might have been concluded as such after some random calculations. Though we might be able to find some similarities between persons who have the same zodiac sign, I don't think any two persons with the same sign will have the same traits or characteristics. We do find them interesting and do try to check whether we have the traits as mentioned therein but I don't think anyone would make an effort to bring any changes to their traits to be in sync with the calculations. As has been said by the author and also by some other members, there are many factors that influence or mould our personality and character. I would rather believe in predictions that are calculated on the basis of the time of our birth.
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