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    Kerala Roads claim 2249 lives till June this year.

    It is reported that Kerala Roads have claimed 2249 lives from 20,700 motor accidents. Additionally 23,519 were injured seriously. It is high time that we take this issue seriously. Is the life of a person so cheap to be thrown in front of a speeding vehicle ? Or are the people so careless while travelling over the public roads ? Or are our roads so unsafe for travelling ? Recently a car accident took the lives of a famous and young violinist and his daughter.
    The police records show that in 2017 there were 38470 road accidents killing 4131 people. Still if we look back the figures are not much different. In 2016 deaths numbered 4287 from 39420 accidents. In 2015 and 2014 respectively the death figures were 4196 and 4049.
    Maximum accidents are reported in the year 2005, figures being 42,363 with 3203 deaths. The death rates per accidents show an increase from 2001 onwards. The death rate was 6.97 percentage that year. The same in 2017 is 10.73 %.
    Why so many accidents and death? Is it because of the bad conditions of roads, careless driving, driving without seat belts/helmets, overspeed, driving consuming alcohol, getting attention slowly after accidents ? A detailed study is needed to contain this.
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    It is mainly the speed, then comes negligence, then the attitude. These three are the major players in an accident. Speed thrills, but also kills. Negligence has no intelligence. Attitude challenges life. Yet there are six more months to go after June, to have the figures doubled up to 4498. (4498/365 = 12) An average of 12 deaths per day. I think it is an acceptably low number of motor accident deaths in Kerala. We should try and reduce it to 0 or 1 or 2 per day.

    We can see thousands of vehicles (maybe few hundred) taking birth every day from the showrooms and very minimal death of vehicle drivers or riders or passengers per day.

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    The road accidents are increasing these days. Many times they are due to the carelessness of the people. I feel not bad roads but only good roads are the cause of these accidents. In Hyderabad, the outer ring road is very good. The road is very good. The speed limit is 100Km/hour. But many accidents are taking place on this road. The main reason for this is the carelessness of the drivers. Many people drive the vehicle without having the seat belt. They drive after having a drink. They go on a very high speed.
    The Hyderabad Vijayawada high way is very good. Recently on this road, the son of a famous personality, great actor and ex-CM of AP NTR, died. He was driving a vehicle at 160KM/hour without wearing a seat belt and in that speed, he turned back to take a water bottle from his friend who was sitting in the back seat. The reason is obvious. He drove the vehicle without taking any required precautions and ultimately he died.
    Like this, if we analyse the accidents we feel the carelessness of the driver and not following the safety rules are the main reasons for these accidents and deaths, I feel if the roads are not good, the drivers will drive the vehicles slowly and carefully. Then accidents may come down. Even there are some accidents, they will not cause so many deaths.

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    The roads are getting narrower due to various encroachments. The footpaths are becoming non-existent. So pedestrians are walking on roads. The vehicles are increasing. And people are not bothering about rules. No wonder, the number of road-accidents and consequent death are increasing.
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    This is mainly because people don't follow the traffic rules. Youngsters think wearing helmet to be a burden but they ignore the safety of their head if they meet an accident.

    On traffic signals people always remain in hurry and jump signals ultimately creating problem for themselves and others.

    Also Road conditions are also responsible for the accidents but the percentage of accidents due to it is lesser than former in my opinion.

    The data itself says how casually we take risks in our life. I have seen people talk over mobile phones while driving which is very dangerous. Also people know driving after drinking is risky still they don't follow it.

    These are all the reasons why the accident rate is increasing day by day.


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