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    A hilarious campaign by a Congress leader of Madhya Pradesh

    He is an important Congress leader of Madhya Pradesh. He is one of the very few Congress MLAs of Madhya Pradesh. He was campaigning in Indore. During the campaigning, he was saying: "Aapko meri izzat rakhni hai, party gayi tel lene". My very weak translation of this great speech: "You have to protect my prestige. The party (of course, Congress) may go to hell".

    The voters are very amused hearing the speech of Jitu Patwari, a very important Congress MLA from Madhya Pradesh. Of course, some of the Congress leaders are red-faced hearing the bitter truth from Mr. Patwari, an important member of their own party.

    The video can be easily searched and found on the internet.
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    I thought the ministers of the ruling party are the most rude and offensive. Recently many leaders have come out and shown their true faces through #Metoo accusations and viral videos of their temper tantrums. And now this. These leaders have least responsibility and concern for us voters. Maybe a whopping defeat of this monster parties on hands of a lesser known party or a regional party would return them to their senses.
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    Mr. Aditya Mohan: Most probably you are mistaken. There is nothing rude or offensive in the comment of the Congress MLA. This comment is for pure enjoyment. 'Party gayi tel lene'.
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    Partha, 'party gayi tel lene' does not translate as 'go to hell'. 'Gayi tel lene' is a colloquial usage which is commonly said to denote that one is not bothered about that aspect (this is what I understand). So, in this speech, of which you (or the media) has chipped out only the part that is of interest to you, the MLA has said that irrespective of what happens to the party, the voters must ensure his victory. Your point about a member of the Congress party speaking for himself without concern for his party is a point that should be taken care of by the party leadership.

    It may sound amusing but then it is election time and you will come across many such ramblings including making promises that will not be kept.

    **Having said so, I request members not to come up with such threads quite often unless there is a serious and valid point to discuss because the platform cannot be allowed to be filled with such political jargons.

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    Okay, I accept the translation of Mr. Saji Ganesh. But his translation also does not reduce the entertainment quotient of the comment.
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    Most unwarranted comment by the candidate. He can ask the voters to vote for him and he need not mention anything about the party. This type of members will only spoil the party and become a laughing stock in the public. The candidates should restrain themselves from making such comments. The party should take these things seriously and see that no other candidate will talk like this.
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    No. The MLA is right with his Hindi words. As a south Indian, my translation would be that he wanted his prestige to be maintained, and the Congress party is getting geared up to win the election. Party gayi tel lene means that the party has gone to take the fuel to run.

    Please don't misinterpret and misunderstand the language.

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    Mr. SuN: Please ask any Hindi-speaking person what does this beautiful idiomatic expression means.
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    These are the most casual approaches by any member of any political parties & therefore taking these seriously is as a kind of wasting time of ours. In here the Jitu Patwari simply meant that he is more concern about himself than the party that he himself belonging to but however this got recorded & circulated unexpectedly in the media. In a way this could even be shown of the unpreparedness of the political parties for the unexpected scenario during the aftermath of the election.

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    No life without Sun

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    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    No life without Sun

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    This is election time and quite often we will listen to these kind of statements from political persons. The leader mentioned in this thread is much more concerned about his own victory so he made the winning a prestige issue.

    The political atmosphere all over the country has completely changed and it seems the only thing that contestants in elections think is to win their respective seats with scant regards to the welfare of the people. We know how they promise before every elections and in many cases it is found that the representatives do not bother to visit their constituencies regularly.

    We all hope that this unusual and corrupt practices to win elections should end and people's representatives should work sincerely for development of each constituency rather than becoming a laughing stock during elections.


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    Jitu patwari and Congress spoke person yesterday said that he wanted to mention BJP as tel lene not congress.

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    The effort to cover up the embarrassment is equally ridiculous, if not more. Anybody who has watched the video can tell which party was being indicated by the MLA.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Many politicians and leaders make this type of loose comments in the excitement of the coming elections. They do not bother even for the prestige of their own party. This is really a height of selfishness.

    A politician who is talking like that before the elections if wins, then how shrewdly he is going to behave is anybody's guess.

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