A train without a separate Engine.

An indigenously designed and manufactured train without a separate engine will be on the tracks for trial runs in another week in our country. A train named "Train 18" will be running between Moradabad and Bareli shortly. This train will contain 16 coaches. This train can travel at a speed of 220 Kms. Presently they are planning to run this train at 160Kms speed. The travelling time will reduce by 10 to 15%. The hp of the engine will be more by 50% of that of the present train engines. Driver cabin will be there in one coach. Anyone can interact with the driver and they can go to his cabin by knocking at the door of his cabin. All the coaches will have CCTV. There will be an emergency switch in all the coaches. The cost of this train is about 70 crores as it is made within the country. If we have to import one such train it will cost us around 170 crores. So the country has saved a hundred crores by making this train within the country. Congratulations India.