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    The fencing itself is eating the crop.

    CBI. We all have confidence in this Organisation. We have seen officers like Lakshminarayan who worked without any fear for bringing out the truth and naming the culprits.
    But the present situation in the same organisation is raising so many doubts in the minds of the public. The people who are supposed to bring the truth out and save the country from the corruption are becoming themselves corrupt. This is like the fencing which is supposed to protect crop in the field, itself eating away the crop. What is the actual issue will be known shortly? But the two top bosses of the Organisation are blaming each other.
    The government should remove immediately these two officers and an enquiry should be conducted by a supreme court judge and see that the people will get confidence in the organisation responsible for controlling the corruption.
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    This is the first in India's History that an investigating agency of the government is with its corrupt officials. It is true that the fence itself eating the crops. It is a shame on the part of CBI. What trust can we have in their investigation to find the truth of a case! What will be the public opinion about the CBI? Corruption investigates corruption. Should we give a new expansion to CBI as CBI - Corrupt Bureau of India.(or) Centre for Bribery in India?
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    This is sad as CBI is considered to be the most reliable organisation of the nation and when it is proved that the top bosses are corrupted in this organisation too then who should we rely on. This is very bad situation we are facing in our country. It seems corruption is not going to eliminate from this country but its spreading.

    Its pathetic and that is the reason we are not developing like other countries otherwise there is no shortage of resources as well as Manpower in our country. We need ro work on it and should have some strict laws on corruption and should implement this law strictly in the country.


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    We are witnessing lot many firsts and most of the time, sadly, it is for all the wrong reasons. The present situation at the top level in the CBI is a very serious issue and has to be addressed at the earliest if the faith of the people in this investigating agency is to be restored. It has been a refreshing change to note that the PMO office has intervened (?) immediately. The matter will hopefully be resolved legally and the rotten apples removed and taken to task without any further delay.
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    The government has already sent those two top officials on leave and many officers were transferred . Mr. Alok Verma, the director of CBI, now sent on leave, moved the top court against the government order and the case will come up for hearing on Friday. The government order to sent the top bosses on leave came around 2 AM today and Mr. Nageswar Rao has been appointed as the interim director of CBI.

    The government order came in following the recommendations of CVC and there are many allegations and counter allegations doing the rounds. For quite sometime, there are accusations of political interference with the investigations done by CBI and few years ago the Supreme Court termed it a "caged parrot". The government's move to sent the top two bosses on leave is done to bring some credibility in the agency and we are expecting lot more in the coming days. The agency must be insulated from external influences that interfere in the investigation process.


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