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    A bad workman always blames his tools.

    This is present scenerio wherein we always blame others even knowing it that it was our fault. Yesterday it happened when I was checking my kid's notebook and realise that his handwriting is poor, I asked why he writes so poorly. His automatic reply was Papa this pen doesn't write good. I was shocked and thought if he knew it then why he didn't change the pen and wrote.

    Similar was the case when I was returning to home from office and saw an accident where the fault was of a car driver but he was scolding a two wheeler driver like if he himself hasn't done anything wrong.

    Sometimes I think what has happened to people, will they get small if they admit that they were wrong. Will any thing happen if they confess?
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    It is very true. We always search excuse for covering our faults. Every person wants to show that he is perfect and highly intelligent and can not err. With this concept in mind whenever they do mistakes they try to hide them.

    There are a few people, of course rare, who accept their mistakes and apologise for it. They know that to err is human and then why to cover it unnecessary and especially when the other person is very well seeing that the erring one is just trying to justify it.

    It is a bad trait but unfortunately many of us have it.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Well, it seems most of the people are bad workmen. All over the country, there is no strict discipline. Rules are there, rule violators are punished but also get away if they have connections with the political bigwigs. In many cases we see traffic personnel are asking for bribes and there are lot more corrupt practices taking place in many departments.

    The situation is such that many people became immune to corruption and they think whatever is done by them is always right and others are wrong. It may be the cascading effect of the corruption everywhere and people always blame the government or the others thinking since most of the things are not happening in the right way why not blame others to save himself. If a strict discipline is followed everywhere, I think this attitude will come down a lot.


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    It is a common phenomenon which we will find with many people. A person coming to the office late will blame the traffic for his delay. An assistant who can't complete his work will show the desktop as the reason. Many people try to project somebody else as the reason for the unwanted happening. One should have the courage to accept his fault. Many will try to defend their acts by showing some excuse. This behaviour is mainly due to lack of sincerity towards the issues and carefree attitude of the persons.
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