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    How do you want to pay respect to the great leaders?

    In India, there is no dearth of great leaders. After their death, the Government takes various steps to remember them. In some cases, statues of the great leader are installed in various places, sometime all over the country. But unfortunately, these statues are not maintained properly. The birds make these statues dirty. Only on the eve of their birth anniversary, the statues are cleaned. Sometime, roads and streets are named after the leader. But again, these roads and streets are kept dirty and are not properly maintained. The third one is to pay lip-service to those leaders but not to follow their principles. As for example, all Governments formed in India have paid lip-service to Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, but after his death, the policies adopted by successive Governments are totally different from the ideals of Gandhi. No Government has bothered about Gandhi's vision on the rural economy.

    Now, my question is very simple. What is the proper way to pay respect to the great leaders? Do you want to pay respect by adopting any of the above three methods?
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    I am of the opinion that following the ideology of the great leader is the greatest respect one can pay to a leader. Keeping tall statue may be useful to attract tourists and the government may be able to get some money. Again maintaining the statue is again a big question.
    Naming the streets, colonies or villages after these leaders are also of no use. The naming will be over and one board will be kept mentioning the name. But afterwards, what happens to the board nobody knows.
    Many people say very high about these leaders but they show only lip sympathy to attract people and get their votes. But in any activity, these leaders will never follow the big leaders. They will never think of following these leaders in their lives.
    These are all for sympathy and attracting votes.

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    Naming the streets and erecting statues is not going to help as the real respect can be only shown by good deeds and following their teachings. At the most the names of the new universities and institutions can be named after them so that the students know about them.

    The great leaders showed their worth by actions rather than tall talks. That is the thing the citizens have to bring in their social and public behaviour. If we do our work sincerely and honestly in the capacity we are working, that will be the real tribute and respect for them.

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    All the great leaders have shown different paths for the progress of the country and a good way of showing respect is to follow the path they have shown. As the author has rightly mentioned that in many cases the government only pays lip-services but never follows their ideologies.

    The naming of streets has a significance of remembering the names of those leaders to the younger generation and statues are also installed for the same purpose of rememberence. Time to time the government may implements schemes in the name of the great leaders and if those schemes reflect the ideologies of the great leaders then it is also another way to show respect to them.


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    Are dirty statues, ill-kempt roads marks of respect for a great leader? Is paying lip-service to a leader and doing exactly opposite is a mark of respect? Time has come to ponder over these points.
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    Keeping the statues and roads dirty is the attitude of most of the people in our country and that is the main reason of the Swachh Bharat campaign. While humans cannot make the statues dirty but responsible for dirtying the streets. It is very true that it looks awful to see those dirty statues of great leaders and initiative must be taken by the local bodies to clean them up at regular intervals along with proper maintenance of the roads.

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    I believe its of no use naming the roads or streets on the name of the great leaders if we don't have respect for them.

    Its always best to publish books on their stories and make them a syllabus for the school kids. We have been reading about legendary Mahatma Gandhi at various level in school and college similarly other great leaders should be given such privelage.

    Respect to these great personalaties can be created in the mind of people through this only. As they will know and understand their role in freedom of India from childhood they will respect them throughout their life.


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    The best tribute to the departed great leaders is to publish them in the history books of schools and colleges, take time to teach the children about these great leaders. And ask them to follow their ideologies in life. No street names or statues will do any good to us. Such statues have become landmarks for identification and direction only.

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